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wichy: Lo пишет: рассмотрим это предложение в будущем времени... Ну тя в баню... От так и знала, что ты это напишешь... давай уже в настоящем - она до свадьбы бежать собиралась. Некуда ей бежать, некуда...

nakupenda: wichy пишет: она до свадьбы бежать собиралась Чё то и со свадьбой они не торопятся...

wichy: nakupenda пишет: Чё то и со свадьбой они не торопятся... Ну а че торопиться-то... Оба на съемках, заняты... Да и событие такое подготовки требует. Всего только два месяца как помолвку объявили.

Lo: ага.. а в итоге, поженяцца в узком кругу друзей...

Дана: Lo пишет: поженяцца в узком кругу друзей... Не такие Баччаны скромники...

Светик ШРК: wichy пишет: Ну а че торопиться-то... Оба на съемках, заняты... Да и событие такое подготовки требует. Всего только два месяца как помолвку объявили. Моя знакомая читала журнал Filmfare за февраль, так она говорит, что там была совсем небольшая заметка, в которой говорилось, что в этом году они жениться не будут, т.к. им нужно закончить все их намеченные на год проекты.

wichy: небольшая интервьюшка с Маликой Шерават Okay, we all know that Mallika Sherawat has signed an international project called UNVEILED. But the talk within the industry is that the actor is uprooting herself from Mumbai and planting herself in the West. In other words, she’s looking for a career in English/international movies. “What’s wrong in going global?” Mallika starts the conversation defending her act, “It’s important to explore newer horizons. Why confine oneself to one place? Don’t cricketers compete on a global platform? So why shouldn’t actors?” The rumors [quitting Hindi movies] are true? “I am not quitting Bollywood. I owe my name, fame, everything to Hindi movies. It has given me tremendous respect, something I cannot deny. But at the same time, I am in no mood to accept itsy-bitsy roles in Hindi films. Why should I? Give me roles of substance and I wouldn’t complain. Didn’t I accept PYAAR KE SIDE/EFFECTS with a new director [Saket Chaudhary]? My next film [FAUJ MEIN MAUJ] is not a multi-crore film again. The script has to be tempting, otherwise I am not interested,” she speaks her mind. So what made her accept a miniscule part in THE MYTH? “I am glad people missed me in THE MYTH. Agreed, I had a small part in the film, but I wish to ask one pertinent question. How many actors have had the privilege of doing a 10 second role with Jackie Chan? How come no one writes about that?” Mallika breathes fire. Please continue. “Let’s look at it this way,” Mallika explains, “The film took me to Cannes, then to Toronto. And it’s because of THE MYTH that I bagged my second international project. THE MYTH has only benefited me.” So what’s in store next? “Bollywood is my bread and butter and I cannot think of quitting it. Like I said, I want to concentrate on quality stuff henceforth. I am trying hard, but the opportunities are limited. But I am glad films like KHOSLA KA GHOSLA and PYAAR KE SAIDE/EFFECTS have worked at the box-office. These films have so much to offer to actors,” she smiles. If that’s the case, what made her accept an item song in GURU? “That’s a tricky question. Sometimes, you do succumb to greed. You need to strike the right balance between art and commerce. Besides, GURU was a Mani Ratnam film. He’s one of my favorites,” she says. Who’s on her wish-list then? “I’d love to work with Martin Scorscese. Also Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu [BABEL]. On home turf, it’s a dream to work with Mani Ratnam, Karan Johar, Farhan Akhtar and Sanjay Leela Bhansali. I love their cinema,” Mallika states. По слухам, Маллика собирается постепенно перебраться в Голливуд, если все сложится удачно. Она не отрицает, что ставит перед собой такую планку. Но и в БОлливуде работу пока бросать не собирается - как-никак, кусок хлеба. Самая большая проблема для нее в болливуде - тО, что ей предлагают однотипные идиотские роли.

wichy: отсюда Post-marriage Emran Hashmi is back from his honeymoon. But he would rather not call it his honeymoon. "I'd rather call it a vacation. Honeymoon is too formal a concept for us. Parveen and I have been together for more than seven years." Has Parveen forbidden Emran from kissing his heroines? "No! She never said that. Parveen is the last one to interfere in my career. However no girlfriend or wife is going to jump with joy if she sees her man kissing another woman. She's been with my from my college days. We started off as friends. From there marriage took its natural course. We didn't force anything." Emran's marriage last month was a very private affair. "I'm a private person. On the sets I like to keep myself. I don't know about others, but I require a lot of concentration on my work. But I'm a different person off-hours. As for marriage I invited practically everyone who mattered to me. I had no desperate urge to make my marriage this Page 3 kick-ass event. The whole process of marriage and leaving on a vacation was great fun." No radical changes in his life after marriage, except…. "You wake up with someone else in the bed. That's when it dawns on you that the status of the relationship has changed. Also, the fights about dirty towels lying round, etc etc. But seriously, the relationship is more defined now. We've taken our bonding to the next level." As for the female attention Emran has learnt to deal with it. "More than me, my wife needs to deal with it. She's been very supportive and understanding. I mean to marry an actor who has been tagged a serial kisser can't be easy for her. To deal with that tag requires a lot of will-power." Emran has made no conscious decision to stop kissing on screen. "but I'm not going to do it just for the heck of it any longer. It started with Murder, and then onwards my films had a kissing scene each time. That was completely uncalled-for and silly. Because at the end of the day it's the film's merit and not a kiss that works. …I actually said no to a kiss in Killer. We debated on the sets and we decided there was no need for it. And Killer bombed! On the other hand, in defence of my decision to not kiss in every film, I cite Jawani Diwani which bombed in spite of a smooch. I rest my kiss…er, case." Emran is against whipping up a frenzy regarding the kiss. "It's not just me. Other stars who have kissed recently have been spoken about," he says referring to Hrithik's much-discussed kiss in Dhoom. "But I don't think my career is defined by kissing. But yes, the kisses are a talking point. So they've served their purpose." Имраша рассказывает про свою жену, ее отношение к его поцелуям на экране, про медовый месяц и свадьбу, про то, что он не собирается переставать целоваться в связи с женитьбой - он перестает просто потому, что ему надоело...

Дана: wichy пишет: он не собирается переставать целоваться в связи с женитьбой - он перестает просто потому, что ему надоело... Ага, надоело от жены по башке получать

Дана: wichy пишет: По слухам, Маллика собирается постепенно перебраться в Голливуд, если все сложится удачно. Она не отрицает, что ставит перед собой такую планку. Но и в БОлливуде работу пока бросать не собирается - как-никак, кусок хлеба. Самая большая проблема для нее в болливуде - тО, что ей предлагают однотипные идиотские роли. Какие мы привередливые, или цену набиваем? спасибо бы сказала что янки снизошли и что-то предлагают. Это большая честь для неизвестной актрисы из страны третьего мира, и может из всего мусора что-нить и подвернется, ведь никогда нельзя заранее сказать, выстрелит фильм или нет.

wichy: Отсюда Vishal Bhardwaj, who promises to complete a trilogy of Shakespeare films, says lack of story writing talent in Bollywood forces him to visit the great playwright again and again. ‘A good story works even if badly shot. It is very difficult to find good stories. I’ll make a trilogy of Shakespeare films. I don’t know which and when but there will be a trilogy for sure. I may adapt a Shakespearean comedy next. Actually, I decided to go to Shakespeare after watching Gulzar saab’s ‘Angoor’, which was an adaptation of ‘A Comedy Of Errors,’ Bhardwaj told IANS. Critically acclaimed ‘Maqbool’ was Bhardwaj’s first screen adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’. Followed by internationally applauded ‘Omkara’, which was inspired by ‘Othello’. ‘After ‘Maqbool’ I wanted to adapt ‘Julius Caesar’ for producer Bobby Bedi. But then I met Shekhar Kapur and the idea for ‘Mantra’, starring Preity Zinta, was born. We started working on that project with seven-eight writers for over six months. Later Shekhar and I had differences over the final outcome of the script.’ Hence the project was shelved. Another project of Bharadwaj, which couldn’t move beyond scripting stage was ‘Mr. Mehta & Mrs. Singh’ with Aamir Khan. Excerpts: Q: First ‘Macbeth’, then ‘Othello’… you seem to be fascinated by William Shakespeare. A: After ‘Maqbool’ I wanted to adapt ‘Julius Caesar’ for producer Bobby Bedi. But then I met Shekhar Kapur and the idea for ‘Mantra’, starring Preity Zinta, was born. We started working on that project with seven-eight writers for over six months. Later Shekhar and I had differences over the final outcome of the script. Then I had this small script called ‘The Blue Umbrella’. Everyone was after me to make it. I shared my problems with Ronnie Screwvala of UTV. He agreed to produce it on condition that UTV get to produce my next film. Q: Buy one and get one free? A: Kind of (laughs). ‘The Blue Umbrella’, which I’ve completed, is a relatively small project. It’s the kind of cinema I believe in, but would never get to make without the backing of a big production house. If I may say so, I’m very proud of my work in ‘The Blue Umbrella’. The film’s protagonists are kids. But the target audience are adults. The main protagonist is a talented girl called Shreya Sharma. She’s as good as Shweta Prasad in ‘Makdee’. Q: Whom would you have cast as Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony? A: Sanjay Dutt and Irrfan Khan were in my mind. Actually, my fascination with Shakespeare has to do with the lack of story writing talent in Bollywood. A good story works even if badly shot. It is very difficult to find good stories. My ‘Makdee’ was an original. The three-act structure for Ruskin Bond’s ‘The Blue Umbrella’ is hard to come by in the scripts being written today… So yes, I did go to Shakespeare twice. I’ll make a trilogy of Shakespeare films. I don’t know which and when. But there will be a trilogy for sure… I may adapt a Shakespearean comedy next. Actually, I decided to go to Shakespeare after watching Gulzar saab’s ‘Angoor’, which was an adaptation of ‘A Comedy Of Errors’. Q: Why was your project ‘Mr. Mehta & Mrs. Singh’ dropped? A: It isn’t dropped. Aamir Khan was keen to work with me for a long time. I narrated a few stories. He liked ‘Mr. Mehta and Mrs. Singh’ (written by Abhishek Choubey and Robin Bhatt) the best and asked me to work on the script. For seven-eight months we were both excited by the idea. But then we came to a turning point in the narration where we completely disagreed. I could see his point of view and he could see mine. But we couldn’t come to a common ground. He was reacting as an intelligent actor. We agreed to disagree. Please don’t make it sound like a war or something. My relationship with Aamir is very precious. We’re working together in future for sure. We’ve promised each other. Вишал Бхарадвадж (режиссер Омкары) говорит, что недостаток талантливых сценариев в Болливуде заставляет его обращаться к Шекспиру снова и снова. Теперь он планирует сделать трилогию Шекспировских фильмов. Пока он не знает, что будет следующим - вероятнее всего, комедия. Сначала он хотел после ‘Maqbool’ адаптировать "Юлия Цезаря", но потом он и Шекхар Капур решили снять ‘Mantra’ с Прити Зинтой. Однако у них появились расхождения в финальной сцене - и проект положили на полку. То же самое произошло с проектом ‘Mr. Mehta & Mrs. Singh’, который Вишал хотел делать с Амиром - дальше сценария он не продвинулся - Амир и Вишал не могут прийти к единому мнению, каков он должен быть.

wichy: отсюда It's not easy being Vidya Balan. "I've had four releases in the past one year. After Lage Raho Munnabhai, Eklayva and Guru last year, the next year started for me with Salaam-e-Ishq. There I played this fey and feisty woman married to John Abraham." So that's how the two got linked! "Precisely," Vidya chuckles. 'We got along well enough for people to notice. But an affair? Have a heart! I haven't found a man I'd like to spend my life with. When he comes along I'd give up everything, career included, and probably surrender completely. Do you think I'd risk that kind of commitment at this stage of my career when things are going well?" So what's the truth about John? "We just got along well shooting Salaam-e-Ishq, as we were supposed to. So maybe people saw us getting along well and made up their own screenplay. From the little I know of Bipasha she's a no-nonsense honest person. She won't take such nonsense lying down. But Sanjay Dutt? Poor thing! He's become so self-conscious after our link-up stories he mumbles a hello and moves away. I can see how the story was planted. After interviewing me the journalist called the next day to ask if something was up between me and Sanju. Obviously the editor must have said, 'Vidya not interesting enough. Masala maro.' I'd rather be uninteresting than known for my link-ups." Vidya bursts out laughing, revealing that rare side to her personality which people don't notice too often. "I do have a sense of humour. That's why I enjoyed doing Lage Raho Munnabhai so much. I had a ball shooting with Sanju and Arshad. " In Hey Baby Vidya is cast as the baby's mother. "I don't mind playing a mom if the role is as charming as the one in Hey Baby. In fact I've no reservations about anything. Just bring on the challenging characters." Priyadarshan's Chandramukhi would be a big challenge since Vidya plays a classical dancer in the film. "Since I'm Tamilian Iyer Brahmin I'm trained in Carnatic singing. I was also trained in Bharat Natyam for a while. But I lost interest. Later I took up Kathak, and got busy with other things. But I need to brush up my dancing for Chandramukhi. I've seen what Shobana has done in the original Malayalam film. I adore Shobana. To match steps with her would be impossible." Isn't there a danger of Vidya getting tyepcast as the old-world heroine after doing Parineeta and now Chandramukhi? "I don't mind the era and aura as long as the role is challenging. It's not as if I'm only playing old-world roles. In Lage Raho Munnabhai and Salaam-e-Ishq I'm very much a woman of today." Though Vidya was pivotal to Lage Raho… she admits she didn't have that much to do in Vinod Chopra's Eklavya and Mani Rathnam's Guru which released neck-to-neck in December. "That's why I was not worried. There was just that much of me in both films. In fact Guru was out-and-out Abhishek's film. And he was fab. Just the thrill of working with directors like Vinod Chopra and Mani Rathnam was enough incentive to be part of their films." Beyond Salaam-e-Ishq Vidya has only signed Priyadarshan's Chandramukhi. It's a role close to her heart. "I was thrilled to know Aishwarya was the other contender for the role. To be even considered for the same roles as her is an honour." Видья Балан рассказывает о своих последних релизах, а также о предстоящих - новом фильме Hey Baby, где она играет молодую мамочку, и о Приядаршановском ремейке Chandramukhi, в котором она играет танцовщицу Катхак. Она немного занималась раньше бхарата-натьямом и катхаком, но теперь ей придется выложиться. Которое интервью уже с ней читаю - как-то она не производит на меня впечатление умной особы... почему-то

wichy: интервью с Имраном Emraan Hashmi is in a dilemma! The actor has two releases lined up back to back -- GOOD BOY BAD BOY and THE TRAIN. In the former, he plays a bad boy and in the latter, the good boy. “Hey, I am slightly bad in THE TRAIN too,” Emraan laughs aloud as we catch up on his professional life. Playing a bad guy comes easy to him. Notice Emraan’s choice of roles and you’d realize that the talented actor has rarely portrayed the seedha-saadha, sharif hero in his films. “I am attracted to roles with grey shades. It makes me appear more real. We all make mistakes in life. It doesn’t make you a baddie as long as you rectify those mistakes. My roles portray this reality,” he says. While GOOD BOY BAD BOY is slated for release on 11th May, THE TRAIN follows in the immediate week -- on 18th May. “I’d be lying if I said I am not nervous. I am tense… I am scared,” Emraan states with utmost honesty, “But the two films are as diverse as chalk and cheese. GOOD BOY BAD BOY is a fun film, targeted at the youth, while THE TRAIN is a thriller, emphasizing on drama. The genres are different, the stories are different, my look in these two films is different as well. As for the release date, it’s the producer’s prerogative to finalize it, not the actor’s. An actor has no say in it,” he admits. Give me a gist of the two films. “I haven’t watched GOOD BOY BAD BOY yet, but the subject has great potential. It caters to the young audience. THE TRAIN, on the other hand, boasts of very good music, besides edge of the seat drama. It’s a fresh idea. Hasnain and Raksha made a good film in THE KILLER. Irrespective of how it fared at the box-office, you cannot deny that they know their job well,” he says. There’s yet another film on the cards -- an important film in Emraan’s career. It’s called AWARAPAN, directed by the supremely talented Mohit Suri [ZEHER, KALYUG, WOH LAMHE]. “AWARAPAN should turn things around for me. It’s a challenging role. With AWARAPAN, we are also breaking into a market we didn’t explore before. A majority of my films were targeted at the domestic market, but AWARAPAN goes beyond the shores of India. We are looking at exploiting its potential in Overseas markets since AWARAPAN holds universal appeal,” Emraan adds. Emraan has also decided to do away with kissing his heroines on screen. “I am moving away from that. Everything reaches a saturation point after a while. Right now, I am exploring a new territory, building my career all over again. That’s my resolution for now,” he says. У Имрана два будущих релиза - GOOD BOY BAD BOY и THE TRAIN, в первом он опять "плохой мальчик", а во втором - хороший. Играть плохих ему не привыкать, да и сам он говорит, что подходит для ролей с "серыми" тонами. GOOD BOY BAD BOY должен выйти 11 мая, а THE TRAIN через неделю - 18-го. Имран сильно нервничает по этому поводу. Фильмы совершенно разные - GOOD BOY BAD BOY веселая комедия для молодежи, а THE TRAIN - триллер, переходящий в драму. Жанры разные, истории разные, он даже выглядит очень по-разному. Кроме того, есть еще фильм AWARAPAN, режиссер которого - Мохит Сури (ZEHER, KALYUG, WOH LAMHE). Роль в этом фильме очень интересна и многогранна, и фильм будет прорывом на рынок, который раньше ре использовался - большинство фильмов Имрана были нацелены на местный рынок, а AWARAPAN планируют вывести на межународный. Целоваться Имран больше не планирует. Ему надоело - он пытается исследовать новые просторы для своей карьеры.

Олеся1985: wichy , порадовала, дай я тебя облабызаю Умничка Имран, правильно, пора расширять горизонты и стартовать в космос в большой кинематограф(ну целовать очень редко-то можно?раньше он один целомкался,а теперь,когда все поголовно в Болливуде перецеловались, он уходит от этого. Стратег, блин...) Оченно хочу AWARAPAN, он там дико классный.

wichy: небольшое интервью с Кариной Last we saw you in DON, what prompted you to make a sensational appearance in the forthcoming KYA LOVE STORY HAI? The film's director Lovely Singh is a very close friend. I've known him since MUJHE KUCCH KEHNA HAI. Doing the song was a gesture of love and friendship. And when he explained the concept to me and I heard the song I knew it was going to be a rocking number. I loved it. I've worn the most glamorous clothes, driven a limo and strummed a 25-feet guitar! It doesn't get better! How was it facing the camera after a year? What a coincidence! I began my break last year after completing the dance number for DON, and now I have ended my break again with a dance number for KYA LOVE STORY HAI! I was away purely out of choice because I needed to relax and unwind, but now it feels great to be doing what I have always loved doing. Did you contribute to the song in any way? Since I am playing myself in the song, I told Lovely that I would not go overboard on the glamour front with any itsy-bitsy costumes. It was my idea to perform in jeans and gorgeous gowns. Otherwise, it has been the team work of music director Pritam, choreographer Bosco, my dress designer Manish Malhotra, the director Lovely Singh, and Alisha China who has lent her golden voice to this number. Did you imagine what a huge craze ‘It's Rocking’ from KYA LOVE STORY HAI would become? I'm not surprised, when I first heard it, I loved it! Карина говорит, что она согласилась делать item-number в KYA LOVE STORY HAI потому, что режиссер Лавли Сингх ее близкий друг. А уж когда она песню услышала, она поняла, что это будет супер-номер - к тому же ей в нем придется носить роскошные шмотки, водить лимузин и играть на гитаре. В песне она играет саму себя. Кстати, изначально хореографом номера был заявлен Ганеш Хедж, но его поменяли на Боско - типа Ганеш просил в песне кое-что поменять...

wichy: Интервью с Сохой Али Кхан - отсюда With her striking features and performances that get better with each film, Soha Ali Khan has managed to carve a niche for herself in the fickle film industry. With meaty roles in films like Antar Mahal, Rang De Basanti, Ahista Ahista, Iti Srikanta and the soon to be released Chaurahen, she has excelled at delivering good performances. The petite actor talks to our correspondent about the way her career has shaped up, her experiences and her aspirations for the future. Excerpts: Tell us about Chaurahen.. This film weaves three different stories together. My story is set in Mumbai and I am paired with Ankur Khanna. The story is an intimate one, between these two young people and analyses their relationship till the point they find themselves at the crossroads of life. I play Era, who is progressive, while Farooq played by Ankur, is slightly melancholic. It is a real film, without all the song and dance. What drew you to the film? Essentially, the script appealed to me, and the fact that it was a real character to which I could relate. The challenge is when you strip a film of all the glamour, song and dance, accessories, big personalities and the exotic locations. It then essentially is all about playing the role and your ability to perform. I wanted to do a role that was just about performance. How was it working with director Rajshree Ojha? It was lovely; she is an extremely talented director and has a lot of experience as well as sensitivity. I had seen her short film, and wanted to work with her. Did you contribute in any other way to the film? Yes, in terms of improvisation and adding a dialogue here and there, I did. In terms of gestures and expressions, there was a lot of improvisation that I made as an actor. What was the best thing about working in Chaurahen? The most exciting thing was that you couldn't hide behind lots of make up or glamorous clothes. It was just about delivering dialogues in a real way, and portraying very real emotions. I think that's where performance became the key, so I learned to be genuine and sincere in front of the camera, to be able to feel. What is a person like you, who has learnt History at Balliol, Oxford and International Relations from the London School of Economics doing in the Hindi film industry? I had always wanted to do films and felt that you have just one life. Education was important to me, so I wanted to get my masters degree. It gave me the security and confidence that I have today to be able to do whatever I want to do. I worked in a bank because my father wanted me to, and then did films because that's where my heart is. I want to be able to do it as long as I can; the minute I stop enjoying myself, I will do something else. What is it that you seek as an actor? I want the opportunity to perform a variety of roles. If I did a Chaurahen and Rang De Basanti, then I also would like to do a glamourous role, like that in Sudhir Mishra's Khoya Khoya Chand, where I play the role of a heroine. The idea is to constantly challenge yourself as an actor, so that at the end of the day, you get to know yourself and your work better. I have lots left to accomplish, I am still very small in terms of what I want to be as an actor. How is it that Paheli did not work out? Initially, there were a few discussions with Amolji (director Amol Palekar) for Paheli, but nothing was signed. That would have been my first film, but I had gone on and signed Iti Srikanta and a few other Hindi films. He went ahead and made the film much later though. Which other films are you working on? I am not doing Dus Kahaniyaan; as I am too busy with other films. I was doing Khoya Khoya Chand at that time and there were date problems. Besides Khoya Khoya Chand, there is Meredian, and another film which I haven't signed as yet. How have you prepared for Khoya Khoya Chand, considering that it is set in the 1950s? The film is completely different from my life as it was set in the 1950s. I spent time listening to 1950s music, watched films from the 50s, and for six months, I sported curly hair. I guess I really looked like something from the 50s (laughs). I think it is really important to be immersed in the character to be able to play it. Does the box office success of your films make a difference to you? Yes and no. That's why I think it is important to do all kinds of films. You do some films for the box office and some for your own satisfaction. Ideally, you should be able to do both - films that are commercially successful and some that are creatively fulfilling. Are you making a conscious effort to do different roles? I really don't think about anyone else, I am not in any kind of race; and I don't know if that is right or wrong. I am ambitious, I do want to get somewhere; but I want to be a better actor according to my standards. I am certainly influenced by other people, but I do different roles so that I am not repeating myself. I think a good actor is not someone who plays the same kind of roles but someone who has a good range and is able to do different kinds of roles well. Do you believe we have grown as a film industry? I think writing in India still suffers; we have the technical abilities, great directors, superb talent in the form of great performers. I think scriptwriting is still severely skewed, specially against female actors. You certainly don't see many female directors or cinematographers; you see a lot of female editors. I don't understand why women are not seen at the helm of affairs. Even the roles we get as women are either traditional or demure. In certain ways, she can't be a career oriented woman, she has to put everyone else's happiness before hers. Or else, you get the stereotypical bra burning kind of feminist character, all of which is boring. There is a lot of repetition but I think it a formula that works and is commercially successful. People want to watch Dhoom and those are the films that do well, so those are the film that will be made. I do think there is some hope for audiences though, because there are films like Black Friday that are successful, so there is hope. (Smiles) As a film buff, what kind of films do you watch? I watch different films, including a lot of Chinese and European cinema. Wong Kar Wai's In the mood for Love is one of my favorite films ever. I like lots of Indian films as well. I am hoping to see some good films at the MAMI film festival this time.

wichy: отсюда - интервью с Ритупарно Гхошем Bengali filmmaker Rituparno Ghosh says he would like to make a film on homosexuality because it is "less" challenging! "I'd like to do a film on a gay relationship. For me it's easier to make because it offers the chance to go to any creative limits. To do a conventional story like 'Rahgeer' and still make it look different is a greater challenge than doing a homo-erotic story," Ghosh told IANS. Ask him about Ang Lee's "Brokeback Mountain" and Ghosh says he would rate Onirban's "My Brother Nikhil" much higher. "I didn't like 'Brokeback Mountain' at all. In fact, I quite hated it. I was put off by the abruptness with which the love scenes between the two male actors came on. I thought they were unnecessarily sensationalistic and were put there for titillation. The director was kind of apologetic about his protagonists' mutual attraction." Excerpts: There're several major mainstream Hollywood films on the theme of homosexuality. What did you think of Ang Lee's "Brokeback Mountain"? I'd rate Onirban's "My Brother Nikhil" much higher. I didn't like "Brokeback Mountain" at all. In fact, I quite hated it. I was put off by the abruptness with which the love scenes between the two male actors came on. I thought they were unnecessarily sensationalistic and seemed to be put there for titillation. The director was also apologetic about his protagonists' mutual attraction. 'Look, they aren't gay. But when two heterosexual males are thrown together in solitude such a thing may happen.' I found it contrived. I feel filmmakers who have no proper respect for sexuality in any form should refrain from comment. Ang Lee needed to do more research on homosexual behaviour. Like I did historical research for "Antarmahal" and "Chokher Bali". Or I'd have made a fool of myself. In fact the other Oscar-nominated film "Copote", with a gay hero, was far superior. Philip Seymour Hoffman played Al Capone with such textured velocity. Did the central relationship between Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllanhall in "Brokeback Mountain" work for you? No. Firstly, the ambience was too pretty and it took away from the central relationship. Given a choice between the shots of nature and the human relationship, I preferred the former. The balance between 'nature' and the 'unnatural' was never resolved. Two actors doing a love scene didn't offend audiences? Yes. But I wonder how necessary it was for Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllanhal to be shown copulating. Sanjay Suri and Purab Kohli in "My Brother Nikhil" were able to convey so much more without physical intimacy. I believe audiences in the Indian metros were uncomfortable watching the lovemaking scenes in "Brokeback Mountain" while they were quite okay with "Nikhil". I found the lovemaking out of context. I found the gay lovemaking in "My Private Idaho" much better handled. Do you think Indian audiences are ready for a sexual revolution? I don't know. I don't think "Brokeback Mountain" can be done in Indian cinema. Years back I had offered Akshay Kumar the role of a gay man. I don't know if he remembers it. Today, he's playing the hot-blooded lover in "Rahgeer". The film is more about passion than sexuality. It will move more within the accepted mores of mainstream cinema than my last release "Antarmahal". I don't know about our cinema... the sexual mores, family structures and parameters of the permissible are different. But Madhur Bhandar's "Page 3" got away with paedophilia. An actor, if he considers himself an actor, shouldn't consider any topic a taboo. An actor not wanting to play a gay person is like a Hindu actor saying he won't play a Muslim. An actor saying no to a homosexual role is an insult to minoritism. Why do you think we've never ever had a big mainstream protagonist in India with a Muslim name? The only way we get a Muslim protagonist is if they make a Muslim social like "Chaudhvin Ka Chand" or "Pakeezah". Why hasn't one of the Khan heroes protested about being called Rahul all the time and not Salim for a change? No mainstream Hindi superstar is willing to represent the minority community, whether it's a sexual or a religious minority. I salute Sanjay Suri for playing a homosexual in "My Brother Nikhil". It could easily have been swept away. Do you think Indian cinema is getting sexually unabashed? I wouldn't say so. Look at the reaction to my "Antarmahal". I'd say we've gone a step forward and then gone two steps backward. In "Antarmahal" I was very clear about why I needed to show those sexually graphic moments. The sex was meant to be repugnant. If the sex in "Antarmahal" had entertained people they wouldn't have reacted so violently. Sex for the audience is always a matter of titillation. Whether it's Padma Khanna stripping and dancing for Premnath in "Johnny Mera Naam" or Heath Ledger and his co-star in "Brokeback Mountain" copulating, the audience is unconsciously a participant. So is Hindi cinema still sexually inhibited? Yes, of course. I'd like to make a film on a gay relationship. For me that is easier to do because of offers the chance to go to any creative limits. To do a conventional story like "Rahgeer" and still make it look different is a greater challenge than doing a homo-erotic story.

wichy: отсюда Though taken aback by Richard Gere's public display of affection at the AIDS event, Shilpa stoutly defends her mehmaan from Hollywood. "I wish the electronic media wouldn't play the clip over and over again. It's annoying and serves no purpose. There're so many larger issues. In fact we were there to spread AIDS awareness among truckers. Richard has been doing this unconditionally. What does he have to gain from this? He keeps coming back to our country." Shilpa explains what happened. "Earlier during the day during lunch we were teasing him about a dance step in Shall We Dance? When he suddenly bent me down on stage he was doing that whole step from Shall We Dance? I was as taken aback as the people who saw it. It was nothing but a joke and not pre-planned at all." As for the moralists accusing her of unbecoming conduct Shilpa rises to her own defence. "It was just a kiss on my cheek! What's the big hue and cry about ?" There was a hue and cry when many years ago Padmini Kolhapure had kissed Prince Charles. "That was on the lips. This was on the cheek, for crying out loud! No one can question me about my values. I agree a posture like that in public is against our culture. But doesn't our culture say that a guest is like God? Was I supposed to snub Richard in a public place when what he was doing was just in fun. No! I think he's here for a great cause. I want to know what people who're burning Richard's effigy have done for our country. These kinds of controversies unnecessarily take away from the main issue. I can't believe this!" Shilpa explains, "By unnecessarily highlighting it people are putting me off. Frankly I'm fed up of these controversies. Nothing shocks me any more. Honestly I didn't know what was happening. What happened with Richard wasn't my fault. It was just meant to be fun. I don't think Richard intended to hurt anyone's sentiments. Richard is a Buddhist. He believes the Dalai Lama. He wears a tulsi mala. Why would he do anything to hurt our sentiments? Richard's intentions were not dubious. People are burying effigies of Richard. Poor guy! For such a trivial issue. How will it look in the international press? For nine years he has been toiling for the cause of AIDS. Do we know how much money he has been raising for the cause? It's sad people are being instigated against him. Look, if he kissed me on my lips I'd be offended. But he belongs to another cultural zone. Richard meant no harm. I'm no prude. We were in the midst of 3,000 truckers somewhere outside Delhi who didn't understand English. Richard was just trying to entertain an unresponsive audience. " Shilpa says she has formed a bond with her. "He wants me to be part of his AIDS foundation. He 's such a gentleman. He's incapable of indecent behaviour.I know indecent behaviour when I see it." Интервью с Шилпой по поводу поцелуя. "Я хотела бы, чтобы телевидение перестало проигрывать клип снова и снова. В этом нет смысла. Есть гораздо более важные вещи. Вообще мы там были, чтобы рассказать об опасности СПИД. Ричард регулярно этим занимается. Что он с этого имеет? Тем не менее, он вновь и вновь возвращается в нашу страну." Объяснвение случившегося: "Раньше днем за обедом мы поддразнивали его по поводу танцевальных движений в Shall We Dance? Когда он неожиданно опрокинул меня - это было движение из танца. Это была всего лишь шутка, и незапланированная совершенно" По поводу обвиняющих ее в непристойном поведении - "Это был всего лишь поцелуй в щеку! О чем тут говорить?" Много лет назад был такой же шум, когда Падмини Колхапуре поцеловал Принц Чарльз. "Но там был поцелуй в губы, а здесь в щеку.. Никто не имеет права спрашивать меня о моих моральных устоях. Я согласна, вести себя так на публике - не соответствует нашей культуре. Но разве не наша культура говорит - что гость равен богу? Вообще народ там чокнулся, жгут портреты Шилпы и Гира... Ненормальные... "Это была всего лишь шутка. Не думаю, что Ричард хотел обидеть кого-то, задеть чьи-то чувства. Ричард буддист, последователь Далай Ламы. ... Жаль, что люди так настроены против него. Послушайте, если бы он поцеловал меня в губы - я бы оскорбилась. Но он принадлежит к другой культуре. Он не желал вреда. Кароче, Индия опять отметилась на весь мир. И по мне - тот кадр с Акшаем был гораздо неприличнее, чем этот поцелуй.

wichy: отсюда - Имраша рассказывает про свой новый фильм 'The Train.' Emraan Hashmi who by now is a pretty well-known face in Bollywood, speaks about his new film 'The Train.' Q: Did it take a lot of courage for you to play a father's role in 'The Train'? A: Yes it was very scary. I have to say that the girl was very talented and spontaneous too. But I was very nervous when I was supposed to shoot with her. Interesting thing is that being a senior person I should have helped her feel comfortable but she was trying to make me feel at ease, actually. She has done a couple of ads and was intelligent. Q: But do you think playing a father was an altogether new experience for you, given your lover boy image otherwise? A: Now, I think what's new about this film is I play a father who loses out his daughter whom he loves very much. And that was one of the main reason what made me feel scary of this role but at the same time this is the content which takes the story ahead. Q: Emraan, you have been saying that you will not do kissing scenes any more. A: Yeah! I agree with your point but it comes my way every time. However, I would also say that they are so convincing in the script that I cannot deny and also these emotional and intimate scenes are shot in a nice way. Q: Talking about the music that plays an important role in a film do you also ask about the music director of the film? A: Definitely music is very important for Indian films because there is a large audience which comes to watch movies only for its songs. The music also contributes to the pre-release publicity of the film. Fortunately all my films had talented music directors. I think the songs of my films have very much added to my popularity as well. Q: So, how is the response from your fans? A: It's awesome. They continue to pour in. Q: Geeta had worked with you before while Sayali is a newcomer. How was the compatibility with her? A: Well, it was all well working with her. After all she had been a Miss India, that itself was training in acting for her. As an actor I found her very responsive and she has done a fabulous job. Q: How challenging was your role in this film? A: Like I said playing something what you have never done or you do not relate to is obviously difficult. In this film it is drama which has a subtle tone to it. The dialogues are also very common and also very similar to how a common working couple interacts. Q: Tell us about your other films. A: My next release will be 'Good Boy Bad Boy' and after that it will be 'Aawarapan'. Q: What is 'Good Boy Bad Boy' all about? A: I play the Bad Boy here and it's a comedy film about youngsters and their college life. Q: And 'Aawarapan'? A: In this movie my role is a macho one and is larger than life. You will see me in a different look in the film. Q: Now-a-days every other actor is getting awards. Why Emraan Hashmi is not being considered for any award? A: Frankly speaking my award is when I go and see my film doing well and people coming to watch me in theatres. My ideal award will be the feedback from my audience. At the same time I am not dying for any award. - Amit Narnoli Кароч, в этом фильме Имраша опять целовался... никто не видел синяков у него? Или жена его бъет так, что синяки не остаются, но оооочень больно???

Lo: wichy : никто не видел синяков у него? Или жена его бъет так, что синяки не остаются, но оооочень больно??? да, она через подушку его лупит!

wichy: Lo : она через подушку его лупит! И по почкам, по почкам (с)

wichy: отсюда - Судхир Мишра рассказывает про новый фильм - Khoya Khoya Chand и его съемки. Sudhir Mishra, who is presently recreating a 60s film romance with Khoya Khoya Chand, says that his film will indeed represent the changing phase of popular cinema Sudhir Mishra’s last film, Hazaaron Khwahishein Aisi may not have set the box-office on fire but it did enough to catapult Mishra as one of the country’s finest directors. Today, HZA enjoys an almost cult status, with many among the audiences eagerly looking forward to the filmmaker’s next outing, Khoya Khoya Chand, a film that will release in June. Are you happy with the way Khoya Khoya Chand has shaped up? I am happy but I’m still in the process of making it. But what has really thrilled me is that Soha (Ali Khan) has turned out to be an actress of immense caliber. It will be her meatest role so far, is it not? It’s a role that spans from 18 to 26 years, right from doing cabarets to kathak. It’s all about getting the right role and film and Soha grabbed it correctly. It seems you are very upset with Vidya Balan for refusing the role? I was never upset with her for refusing the role. She has a right to do that. If she had a problem with her role, which she insists was too complicated and had a dark side to it, she should have just told me about it. But she went behind my back and decided to speak to my producer (Prakash Jha) instead. Then she was saying things like ‘I hope this does not spoil by equation with Adlabs and their bigger films’ (Ad lads is presenting KKC). I don’t expect such behaviour from a professional and especially from someone who has been repeatedly telling that she’ll do any film I offer her, even a song! Then she goes and does a complete turn around. Anyway, it’s turned out for the best, because Soha is astounding in the film. What was the idea behind KKC that inspired you to make it? The 50s and 60s is an era in cinema that I love. I’m particularly partial to the actresses of those times, who came from humble backgrounds but made a stamp on our minds. It was a time when filmmakers put their lives on line to make a film. KKC is about young, ambitious, adventurous people, their lives, their hopes, dreams, caught in the turmoil of movies. The fact that I’m recreating a certain period excites me but at the same time, I want to people to forget the period and look beyond it. Because all said and done, it is still a very contemporary film in terms of its emotional content. The idea is about people who are extremely passionate about what they do. There’s great passion for work, which in a way also complicates matters for them but no one’s willing to leave it for the sheer exhilaration and joy that it brings at certain times. I’m sure people can relate to that. Is it based on the Guru Dutt-Waheeda Rahman love story? No. I respect them as actors and would not like to do a peep show on them. Are you happy with Shiney’s progress as an actor so far? He says he misses you as a director constantly in his other films? I think Shiney is a wonderful actor and the camera just loves him. The greatness about his character in HZA is that is never once emotionally blackmails the audiences. In fact, he constantly hides his emotions. Yet see how much he manages to move you! I also didn’t get enough credit for envisioning Geeta’s character (Chitrangada) in the film. She’s slightly manipulative, dismissive of her husband, keeps her lover hanging till the very end…she has many negative traits…yet every man in the audience fell in love with her for exactly what she was! You got immense acclaim for HZA. But do you believe you benefited in purely industry terms? Yes, HZA did wonderful things for me. Many actors have expressed their wish to work with me and there is no dearth of offers. The HZA story hasn’t ended because I believe it has a wonderful shelf life. That’s the benefit of the DVD culture…stories don’t die anymore. Yet, you choose a relatively low-key film like Khoya Khoya Chand? First of all, KKC isn’t a very low budget film. Yes, if you mean that it represents the changing face of popular cinema, then I agree it falls under that category. Even budget-wise, it isn’t actually cheap. As for choosing a low-key film, I really have no control over this. I only make films that interest me at a certain point in my life. I’m not the sort of director who wants to tell other people’s stories. I want to make what I feel. HZA was a darker film; this one is more exhilarating and passionate. As I said, at different points in your life, you want to say different things. Also, I must admit that I wanted to cast Shiney after working with him in HZA. And who knows, he might become a big star himself as he has some other good films too. Also, it’s really wonderful when you come up with a subject and there’s a producer who immediately wants to produce it for you. So it’s fresh from the mind and has been readied within a year. Your take on the man-woman relationship is quite interesting, whether it was Iss Raat Ki Subah Nahin, Dharavi, Chameli or HZA One can have many ideas of love, There’s the Archies idea of love and then, there’s the Sufi philosophy. Personally, I feel true love is where you allow your partner to have other loves -for other people or/and passions. Love is a problem when it becomes one-dimensional and is all about possessing the other. The romantic pup notion of love has actually been extremely damaging to a whole generation. Cinematically, our love stories are like Childrens’ film, which only 14 year olds can appreciate. The love that is propagated in our cinema is more like a commercial for fairness cream that sells the idea of becoming fair but instead gives you skin problems.

wichy: Перевод интервью по поводу Khoya Khoya Chand с Судхиром Мишрой. Судхир Мишра, который в настоящее время воссоздает романтику кино 60-х годов прошлого века, говорит, что его фильм несомненно станет переломным моментом в кинематографе (ой, как я боюсь таких заявлений... сразу начинает казаться, что фильм будет - полная хрень) Последний фильм Судхира, Hazaaron Khwahishein Aisi, может и не собрал особых денег, но точно принес Мишре славу одного из лучших режиссеров страны. На сегодня у этого фильма HZA практически культовый статус, поэтому многие с нетерпением ждут нового творения режиссераа, Khoya Khoya Chand, который должен выйти в июне. Нравится ли вам, каким получается Khoya Khoya Chand? Мне нравится, но все еще в процессе. Что действительно было неожиданным - это то, что Соха оказалось актрисой потрясающего уровня. Это будет ее самой сильной ролью на сегодня, не так ли? Эта роль охватывает период с 18 до 26 лет, от кабаре до катхака. В ней есть все, что нужно для хорошей роли в хорошем фильме, и Соха это вовремя поняла. Похоже, вы расстроены, что Видья Балан откзалась от роли? Я никогда не был расстроен ее отказом от роли. Она имела на это право. Если у нее были проблемы с ролью - слишком сложная, или с негативными оттенками, она должна была просто сказать мне об этом. Но она решила действовать в обход меня и поговорить с моим продюсером (Пракаш Джа). Затем она сказала что-то вроде "Надеюсь, это не испортит моих отношений к Adlabs и их крупными проектами’ (Ad lads представляет фильм Мишры). Я не ожидал такого от профессионала и особенно от того, кто постоянно говорил, что она будет делать любой фильм, который я предложу, даже в песне сниматься! А затем она поступает абсолютно наоборот. В любом случае - все обернулось к лучшему, поскольку Соха удивительна в этом фильме. Какая идея вдохновила вас на создание фильма? 50-е и 60-е годы - это та эра в кино, которую я люблю. Я особенно неравнодушен к актрисам тех лет. Это было время, когда фильммейкеры могли жизнь отдать за создание фильма. KKC - фильм о юных, амбициозных, отважных людях, чьи жизни, надежды, мечты - все в чуде кинематографа. То, что я воссоздаю именно этот период очень заводит меня, но в то же время я хочу, чтобы люди забыли о времени и посмотрели глубже. Потому что все сделанное и сказанное - очень важно в плане эмоционального содержания. Фильм - о людях, которые очень страстны в отношении того, что они делают. Они обожают свою работу, которая в то же время не так проста для них, но никто не хочет бросить ее из-за того наслаждения и счастья, которая она приносит. Я уверен, людям это близко. Фильм основан на истории любви Гуру Датта и Вахиды Рехман? Нет. Я уважаю их как актеров и никогда бы не сделал из них дешевого шоу. Как вам нравится прогресс Шайни как актера? Он гвоорил, что очень скучает по вам как режиссеру Думаю, Шайни чудесный актер и камера просто обожает его. Величие его персонажа в HZA в том, что он никогда не шантажирует публику эмоционально. Вообще, он постоянно скрывает свои эмоции, и в то же время, как ему удается тронуть вас! Не могу не отдать должного и персонажу Гиты (Читрангада) в этом фильме. Она слегка манипулятор, покидает мужа, держит при себе ненужного ей влюбленного... у нее много отрицательных сторон, однако каждый мужчина из зрителей влюбляется в нее такую, как она есть. Вы получили признание за HZA. Верите ли вы, что удачливы чисто в коммерческом плане? Да, HZA совершил для меня чудо. Многие актеры выражают желание работать со мной. История HZA не закончилась, потому что я верю, у него будет прекрасная дальнейшая судьба. В этом преимущество культуры ДВД - история фильма теперь не заканчивается так быстро. Однако вы снова выбрали низкобюджетный фильм - Khoya Khoya Chand? Вообще, KKC не такой уж низкобюджетный. Да, если брать в плане представлений массового кино, он попадает в эту категорию. Однако вообще он не так и дешев. Что касается низкобюджетных картин, у меня нет над этим контроля. Я только делаю фильмы, которые интересуют меня в какой-то момент жизни. Я не из тех, кто хочет рассказывать другим истории. Я хочу сделать то, что чувствую. HZA был темным фильмом. Этот более живой и страстный. Как я уже говорил, в разные моменты жизни у тебя разные желания. Должен признать также, что я хотел снять Шайни в чем-то еще после HZA. И кто знает, может он станет большой звездой, поскольку у него уже есть несколько хороших фильмов. Также это прекрасно, когда у тебя есть тема и есть продюсер, который хочет сделать этот фильм для тебя. Ваше отражение отношений мужчины и женщины очень интересно, будь это Iss Raat Ki Subah Nahin, Dharavi, Chameli или HZA У каждого множество мыслей о любви.. Я лично чувствую, что настоящая любовь - та, в которой ты позволяешь партнеру иметь и другую любовь - к другим людям и/или увлечениям. Любовь - проблема, когда становится однонаправленной и когда связана только с обладанием кем-то. Романтический аспект любви сильно ущербен уже в целом поколении. В кино наши любовные истории похожи на детские фильмы, которые могут впечатлить только 14-тилетних. Любовь, пропагандируемая нашим кинематографом, больше похожа на рекламу крема для красоты, который предлагает сделать вас красивыми, а вместо этого причиняет вред вашей коже.

wichy: Специально для Отерика - интервью с Куналом Кхему отсюда Kunal Khemu, once well known as a child artist matured into a fine actor with Kalyug. But his actual fame to claim happened when he played the rustic street boy in Traffic Signal. After two serious roles, Kunal now tries his hands at comedy with Priyadarshan's Dhol. In an exclusive conversation to IndiaFM, he reveals his lighter side. How is life after Traffic Signal? It's pretty much the same. I think life goes on. I'm happy that people have liked my performance in the film and they have appreciated the film. I'm looking forward to do a good work again in the future and yes life goes to certain ups and downs. Luckily for me both my films have brought ups in my life. Many felt that the ending was a bit abrupt. Do you agree? See I believe in the fact that filmmaking is a director's medium unlike how theater is an actor's medium. I'm sure that the director had something in mind planned for the ending of the film. And as far as I'm concerned I wouldn't say that it is an abrupt ending because it was a realistic film. We didn't want to go to the extent of making it melodramatic or him going and killing somebody. Madhur wanted to make it as realistic as possible and that's what he felt, that these people of the streets are actually helpless. They are not educated, they do not know there rights in the first place. So they just go how they want to go. I think people must have expected something else because I think they had seen that image of me in Kalyug, this is the guy who goes against the world of pornography but again this wasn't that kind of a commercial film. It was more on the realistic touch of how these people of the streets are. So if I see it as an audience may be yes, for one second even I will say, “Oh, it just ended” But because we are associated with the film and we knew how it is going to be we thought that would be the proper end for the film. Mohit Suri and Madhur - you are getting some good filmmakers at the beginning of your career. But still big banners are staying away. What do you think? Well see I wouldn't know why. If I knew the reason for it I would rectify it or I would do something about it. But there are a couple of banners which are approaching me now and I'm bit tight lipped about it because I just want them to start. So that you know the ball gets rolling and that's when you talk about it. But I think that's how it is. It takes time for you to be established for them to see something in you. It's like if I do software engineering it's not necessary that I get hired by IBM the next day or Microsoft will put me in the top ranks. But it takes time for them to see how good you are and what you are capable of and I'm happy as an actor. I'm getting to do the kind of films I want to do with the filmmakers that I want to work with. So I'm in content as far as the big production houses are concerned sure they will come and they wouldn't want to miss out on me. We heard that in Dholthere will be a lot of song and dance. This is not a side that we have seen of you so far. Do you like to dance? Well yes, I think the first good surprise about Dhol is that it is comedy and that's something that people have always asked me that you have come in very intense, dark films why is it so? Is it personal choice? I said no I'm experimenting with the different kinds of cinema and different kinds of films. And here is Dhol again the breather from the first two intense films and it has a lot of comedy in it. Yes there is a bit of song and dance. It's not like the hardcore dance but its more of a fun film and that s what we are doing. We are having fun in the songs also. So yes I had lots of fun working on that film and it was a bit easier also because there is Sharman, Tushar, and Rajpal. So there was a light atmosphere on the sets. And because it's a comedy we keep on trying to improvise and we are laughing almost all the times. Infact we finished the schedule really fast of the whole film and now I recently made them on a photo shoot and we were just discussing you know it just went by. I was like I don't even remember what I did in the film but it was great fun and I'm looking forward to Dhol Tell us something about Dhol There is no certain character that would say that this is my character in the film. Like in Signal I could say because he is somebody. I was playing a character. In Kalyug this guy has a back story. But these are the guys who you will see in your life, they are normal college going kids. They are not kids actually. They are the people who have finished there studies and trying to apply for jobs, these guys who stay together and there is a whole suspense, under belly suspense to the film which is revealed through the film. It's a comedy of errors and how these guys in trying to good for people they end up screwing up themselves and the people too. Priyadarshan speaks very less but in that you come to know what he wants. Is Priyadarshan getting the humourous side of you in Dhol? Yes, he is. It's an honor and privilege to be working with Mr. Priyadarshan. I had a great time. It was actually a learning experience because I looked up to him as a teacher. The kind of professionalism he brings to the sets and the way he works is different from the kind of work that I've done before. He is a very serious and sensible. He speaks very less but in that you come to know what he wants. Then you come to know that he is actually a very humorous person and his sense of humor is unbelievably good. I see it and say okay this is the vision. So it was great fun working with him. I learnt a lot and I hope he is happy with what I have done in the film. You are one of those few newcomers who got to do solo lead films in the start. Does it make you feel good? Good. There is nothing to complaint in that and I am happy that people have trust in me and my audiences have been very generous to me. They have welcomed me back in the industry with open arms and appreciated me so much that there is a confidence in the distributors and the producers and the filmmakers to give those solo hero films. It also adds to my confidence more and try to give my 100% so that I can do justice and I don't let them down in any way from my side atleast. With Dhol you will finally share screen-space with Tusshar and Sharman Joshi. Dhol would have been quite an exciting experience? Exactly as I said it was a breather for me also. Comedy is not something in which only one actor has to be a good actor. Everybody has to be good around you because it's all about give and take. Action and reaction. Only if I react to something he said in the proper way will that punch come out in a proper way and that will be humourous. Sharman, Tusshar and Rajpal, all these people had done comedy before so I was the out of towner here. I think the last time I did comedy was in Hum Hai Rahi Pyaar Ke and I had no idea what I was doing. But yes I never felt out of place, I never felt that was an uncharted territory for me and I am having a tough time. I think it was like a walk in the park and I really enjoyed the work. I think the last time I did comedy was in Hum Hai Rahi Pyaar Ke and I had no idea what I was doing. Was there a particular incident while shooting that you would like to talk about? Well, there wasn't one such incident that we planned and we did it. As I said this is a comedy film and we would always improvise. So we were always laughing, coming out with some funny line or something that we did. We all kept on doing weird stuff. We used to play a lot of cricket where we were shooting, if we got a break. I would have the entire kit in back of my car. Rajpal would have one and Rajpal is like a kid at heart. Before me he would be standing with his bat and he would call all the guys and in the lunch breaks we would play. One day Priyan sir also joined us. We had lot of fun actually. It was like one big picnic. You are also working in an English film 'When Harry Tried to Marry' When Harry Tried to Marry is an English film which will be made in Hollywood itself. But I am not shooting for it as of now. It should happen soon because there are certain things like new developments in the script and also the casting. So we haven't started filming for that as yet. When we do I'll definitely keep you updated. What kind of cinema would you like to work in? I do not like to restrict myself to any kind of cinema. As of now yes I want to do more of commercial cinema. I think commercial cinema in India still has a broader reach to people. I never had anything against commercial cinema, because that's what lot people ask me a lot of times. It's jut that the initial films that I got were so exciting and I do not in any way see them as non-commercial films. Maybe Traffic Signal would be called one because it was so realistic. It did not have your so called hero-heroine in the normal term and there wasn't a love song as such. Whereas Kalyug did have one and was more of a commercial thing. But for me stories are what impress me the most. If I find a good script, I am very keen about doing it. Then comes the latter part of how is it going to be, where is it going to be placed. I just want to make this clear that I have nothing against commercial cinema and I am on. Dhol is an out and out commercial film and I am going to be doing a lot of commercial stuff in future also. What other films are in the pipeline? Well as of now I can talk about Dhol, which is going to be releasing. I am also doing Jai-Veeru, which I have started shooting for. It's with me and Fardeen. It's an action comedy. Mr. Shyam Bajaj is producing the film and Punnet Issar is directing it. A lot of actors are getting into regional cinema as well. What is your opinion? Well the region I come from doesn't make so many films. I'm from Srinagar and we do not have an independent cinema over there. People are doing regional films, yes. Right now I am just concentrating on Hindi films and that's what I want to do. Once I have a steady career then I can think of all that. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Would you ever like to direct or produce a film? Well there are always possibilities of an actor turning to director before he produces something. I will not deny the fact that may be one day I might direct a film. But as of now, no plans just want to act. Are you ready for a rapid fire? Shoot… Smiley Suri or Neetu Chandra? Both of them I would not break anybody's heart. Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke or Zakhm? This is the toughest choice. If you would have given me any other choice I would have said Hum Hai Rahi Pyaar Ke or Zakhm but Hum Hai Rahi Pyaar Ke and Zakham are my all time favorites from all the films that I did as a kid. Mahesh Bhatt or Madhur Bhandarkar? Mahesh Bhatt. I had a long association with him. Book you are currently reading? I am not much of a reader. Any TV show that got you completely hooked? No, I have not seen TV for the last 2 months now. I have been out of town. Travel destination you really like and last traveled to. Why? There are lots. One which I wanted to go I just visited recently. I toured the whole of USA. One place I want to go is Spain. I have heard a lot of good things about it. I am actually more of a beach person but recently some friend of mine gave me a lot of gyan about Spain. So that's something I am looking forward to. What's your favorite brand of clothesline? I am not at all brand conscious. I like to wear clothes which I think look good one me and I am comfortable wearing. But I don't mind brands but I am not the person who will buy clothes because it's a certain brand. One accessory you can't do without? Generally wrist bands. I feel comfortable wearing one. But its not that I can't do without it, but this is something that I like to wear. Any particular brand? Levis jeans that's the only brand. I know a lot of brands but not that I use. What's your fragrance? Izimeaki. I love it. So I think I will stick to that brand. What kind of cuisine do u like? Chinese. One Unknown fact that people don't know about you? That I like to do all kind of cinemas. I can do comedy as well. I am not that serious kind of a person which people actually think I am. Bollywood actor you like Kamal Hassan, Amithabh Bachchan Hollywood actor you like Al Pacino If you had to remake one film of yours which one would it be? I have none. What's your Fitness regime like? I always confess that I don't have a fitness regime. I don't have a particular diet. I do not follow any diet. I still see a potato like a potato and not carbohydrates. How do you take care of your hair and your skin? My long hair drains me out. You have to actually take care of them. If you don't then you start looking like some mad person. One tip for your fans… Dream big, work towards your goals and don't let anybody tell you that what you are doing is not right unless and until you feel its not.

Олеся1985: Интервью с Имраном Хашми от 26 апреля 2007г. http://www.indiafm.com/features/2007/04/26/2577/index.html Заклейменный как целовальщик, застенчивый парень , Emran Hashmi проделал длинный путь. От Murder до Gangster, его мастерство не прошло незамеченным, и сегодня он - наиболее нетрадиционный актер для нашего коммерческого Bollywood ( ). Возложите ответственность за это на власть песни или его улыбку ,но в этом году Emraan - человек, который не останется незамеченным. С его двумя новыми фильмами "Good Boy and Bad Boy" и желанным 'Awaarapan ' Emraan Hashmi наверняка доберется на "The Train" к успеху. Мы в IndiaFM говорили с ним о его наступающих фильмах и жизни после брака... Labeled as 'serial kisser', the shy guy, Emran Hashmi has come a long way. From Murder to Gangster, his acting prowess hasn't gone unnoticed with the audience and today he is the most unconventional sought actor for our commercial Bollywood cinema. Blame it on the song power or the lady killer's smile, this year Emraan is the man to watch out for. With his two upcoming releases Good Boy and Bad Boy and the coveted 'Awaarapan' Emraan Hashmi for sure has hopped on to The Train to success. We at IndiaFM spoke to him about his upcoming films and life after marriage How has marriage changed you? So far it's going good. It takes a bit of time to adjust from being a bachelor to getting married. So it's going through the ropes and I am getting used to it. The promos for The Train are quite exciting It was fabulous working in the film. This is my second film with Hasnain and Raksha. The song in the promos is something that has really got into my head. I am listening to it ever since I shot it. So the song is constantly playing in my car and in my house. I think it's a great melody and I think Mithoon is a very talented music director. Mithoon was also a part of your superhit song Woh Lamhe? In the orchestration of the song. Yes he managed that. Music of your film always works. Luck seems to be in your favour Well I don't know. As you said I am very lucky with the music. Time and again I had the good fortune of working with people who are very talented, like Mithoon, Himesh, Pritam, all of them. They have been very talented people, young and vibrant. wanting to give audience a fresh taste of new melody and voices. We have again experimented with Mithoon's voice in Train. Dil Diya Hai didn't do well even though your performance was appreciated? We can't really help the film at the box-office. Once you are done with the making of the film and given everything you have, then it's the audience who decide its fate. Dil Diya Hai is the film from which we expected a lot. But there was a risk factor that the main protagonist goes ahead and sells the girl at the interval point. It was something that was debatable. It was something that we felt was new but at the same time very risky. It was a risk because the audiences didn't digest that. Mainly because the deeming character the hero in the film sells the heroine putting it in a very blunt words at the interval point of the film. Even though he goes and save the girl the fact that he sells the girl cannot be wiped out. So that was something very scary and didn't pay-off in the film. Killer was something that we were very shocked about because we were very confident about the character of this film. It was the story that was very fast paced with great dialogues, great moments and great chemistry between the villain and the hero. So it was something we were very confident about. The distributors too were very confident about the film. It took off with an average start but we were expecting a better opening. Even reviews for The Killer praised your acting I wasn't in town to read the reviews so I wouldn't know much about that. But yes the critics have their view points and their personal opinions about the film that has to be taken into consideration. People read reviews and decide whether they want to see the film or not. In spite of good acting, you are still expected to kiss on screen for your films to do well I don't think that is actually the mantra of success of the film. I have kissed in films which bombed very badly at the box-office like Jawaani Diwani. That is completely incidental. Its something like I said some things work and some things don't. May be it was bad time of release. How different is the journey on The Train Train is about a simple guy who belongs to a middle class home. He works for an advertising agency. The story starts from the point where his marriage is on the verge of breakup. He has a daughter. It's an incidental chance meeting that happens on the train when commutes to work every morning in Bangkok from his house to work. That one incident suddenly changes his life around and things starts getting worse after that one meeting. And that's the point where he loses his family, his wife, his kids and his job. This time you get to romance two beautiful girls Geeta Basra and new find Sayali Bhagat They are both very beautiful girls. They have done a great job in this film, they play very different characters. They are very vibrant and look very nice in the film. They both have brought freshness to the film. They have performed exceptionally well in spite of being newcomers. Everyone learns from each other. I have picked up things from them, especially their way of spontaneity in front of camera. They have done a very good job in the film. Why is the film titled after a train? Like I said it's a film where you get into this man's daily life, his work, his pressures of work and his family. There is one thing that is routine in his life and that is getting on to the train every morning going to work and then coming back to his family. How that is the routine, the ritual of his life, his work life and how that is also a certain turning point, where that particular geography of the train suddenly becomes the whole thing where his life goes around. So the main key turning points are around the train. How was Bangkok as a location? We have shot in Bangkok before. Hasnain and Raksha dug out some new locations in the film that we have shot at. We shot around some stations, in trains. Couples of the scenes were shot on the road. So we have given the whole feel of Bangkok. Good Boy Bad Boy is totally different as compared with The Train? It's a very exciting film and nice script. Principal Avasthi played by Paresh Rawal divides the college to get discipline into bad section and good section. And we happen to have similar names. What happens is that there is a comedy of errors where I go into Tushar's good class with studious students and he come into my class. But I am very happy because I like one girl there and he is stuck in the class with bad guys and bad girls. So how I train him to be bad and how he trains me to be studious is what the film is all about. How much of a good boy is Tusshar Kapoor? Very good. He is very talented and spontaneous. He has great comic timing, so to match up to that it was a difficult task as I was doing comedy for the first time. But we managed to get the chemistry right between the characters. So it was great. Anurag Basu says that he wanted to cast you in Sharman's role in Metro? Well I would love to work with Anurag again. But it was very unfortunate that I was working for many films at that time. He wanted me to shoot for Metro and it was very hard to get the dates. I tried my level best but its something I lost out. I would have loved to be part of the film. What are your forthcoming films? Good Boy Bad Boy, Train, Awarapan. There are two other exciting films lined up which are under scripting at the moment. So these are the three films. Which all directors would you like to work with? There is a lot of fresh talent out their. I would love to work with anyone who gets me great scripts and character.

wichy: интервью с Прити Зинтой SD: You have been lying very low for the past couple of months. There has been no film announcement from your side in the recent past. Is that because of lack of choice or is it that you are simply being picky? PZ: I have been going through a lot of scripts and I am glad that all the offers coming to me are radically different, so it is taking me some time to reach a conclusion. But in a week’s time I will be confirming everything. SD: Do you feel that offers you got earlier did not do justice to your potential and makers were constantly slotting you in the bubbly, Many Poppins image? PZ: In the past 2 years I have had a lot of offers but I have never wanted to do too many films. That has always been my style; I chose films that really excited me. There has never been a dearth of films offers coming my way. At that time I had different priorities and now my priorities are totally different. Now I am ready for a different set of films. SD: Has ‘Jaan-e-Mann”s failure put you back professionally? PZ: I would never look at ‘Jaan-e-Mann’ as a failure. It was a film where I had a great working experience, Sajid Nadiadwala as a producer is the best in the business. The director tried to bring out a film with a new vision. The actors also put in their best. But I think when you do something different people take some time to digest and accept it. 10 years down the line when I see ‘Jaan-e-Mann’, I know I will be really proud of it. When I saw it in the screening, I thought it was great. I was proud of it. SD: Maybe the film was affected by the ego clashes between Salman and the director, Shirish Kunder. One hears that one day Salman had an argument with the director and in a fit of rage shaved off his hair, which caused several delays in the film’s schedules. PZ: That is not true. Rumours I have heard about ‘Jaan-e-Mann’ simply never existed. I don’t think Salman ever shaved off his hair over an argument. There were different reasons to it. Every film has its own destiny; we did our best and after that things are best left to God and audiences. An actor can only work really hard and be positive. What is really sad is when you step out of a film and feel, ‘What have I done?’. There are a lot of people who enjoyed and loved ‘Jaan-e-Mann’. SD: Salman openly lashed out at Shah Rukh and his publicity blitz for ‘Don’, which somehow sabotaged ‘Jaan-e-Mann’. You have been a part of several SRK films; do you think he goes on publicity overdrive? PZ: I think each to his own. You cannot compare what Shah Rukh would do for his film to what we would do for ours. ‘Don’ was a remake of the original, it had its hype because people wanted to see SRK doing what Mr. Bachchan had done. I wouldn’t think that we did not do much on our behalf. I think that view is wrong. SD: Rani and you have been almost exclusively working for the Chopras (and Johar) camp. And they seem to be just swapping you film after film. What Rani had done in her last film is being done by you in the next. ‘Bunty Aur Bubli’ director Shaad Ali is directing you in ‘Jhom Barabar Jhoom’ and Siddharth Anand with whom you did ‘Salaam Namaste’ is working with Rani in his next. Does it make you feel more like a commodity than an actress? PZ: When you see ‘Jhom Barabar Jhoom’ you will know that I fit the role I am doing. If you categorize both of us, I do fall in a different slot. Rani definitely suits the role in ‘Tara Rum Pum Pum’. For Adi his casting is of utmost important, he is finicky about that. It might look like that to someone from the outside that there is a lot of heroine-swapping going on here but I don’t look at it like that. SD: Finally get your own film opposite Abhishek with ‘Jhoom Barabar Jhoom’. PZ: I love working with Abhishek, he is a total nut. He’s my full time pass friend. Though I already had a taste of working with him in ‘Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna’, I also discovered a lot of things about him. He is full of life and brings a mad energy and zest to the movie. His madness works for this film totally. I think Abhishek, Bobby, Lara and me are a dynamic force together. We have all complemented each other in the film. SD: Post ‘Salaam Namaste’ you have played a mother in every film, from ‘KANK’ to ‘Jaan-e-Mann’. Why can’t the makers see you in any other avatar today? PZ: I think it is the role. I don’t set hard and fast rules for myself. I think I finished my film karma in the last year when I got divorced in ‘KANK’ and stopped my divorce from happening in ‘Jaan-e-Mann’. At least my film karma of broken marriages is fixed. Now that I have put that to peace I know this year is going to be very different. SD: There was a lot of criticism about Akshay and you playing college students in ‘Jaan-e-Mann’. Did you take that chin-up or did it bog you down? PZ: Thank God, I didn’t read it. I personally thought that we looked pretty good as college students. If somebody didn’t think so, it is pretty much his or her opinion. If there is a film that requires that then what do you do? It was not like I was in school with him. SD: What is the strategy from here on? Are you going to persist with Yashraj films or are you going to look at the world beyond? PZ: Whatever came to me I chose from. This year there will be a lot more variety, things I have not done before. I am really excited about this because I feel like a newcomer. All the scripts that have come to me in the past have not been like these. This is definitely like projecting a totally different face of Preity Zinta in Indian films. SD: ‘KANK’ wasn’t very well appreciated at the box-office. The reason being that the script was compromised on to accommodate Abhishek and you as you were successful actors and were worried about your projection. PZ: Once when I asked Karan this question as to why Shah Rukh’s character cheated on mine in ‘KANK’ he explained that there is no reason why a lot of people slip in life. He said he had seen a lot of situations in real life. He did not want to create a character where a man cheated on his wife because she was a vamp. Someone doesn’t have to be terrible for you to cheat on them. People have been saying that Karan should attempt different cinema as he keeps doing the same kind of films and now when he has gone and done that, everybody thinks he is too different. ‘KANK’ is a film people cannot ignore; they can love it or not like it. I thought it was one film, which caused so much discussion. It drew a reaction. Which is a good thing about cinema, at least it stimulates people. We can’t always be dishing out melodious songs set against your basic love story. Even the biggest makers want to be different. For me this was a great character because she was neither a vamp nor a bechari and she was so work driven, she simply worked for me. Let’s play devil’s advocate here and assume he had made Abhishek and me out to be total nags and difficult people to live with. Then everyone would have said that it was too predictable and why he bothered making the film in the first place. So it is a catch 22. SD: What happens if you are faced with a situation like ‘KANK’ in real life where your husband cheats on you? PZ: I don’t know, I would like to believe that it would not ever happen to me in real life. But if it happens I guess it is my destiny and I will cross that bridge when I come to it. I cannot look at a film and go all crazy. SD: Karan Johar and Kareena have patched up their differences and currently she is a huge part of his new ventures. Where does that leave you considering that you became a part of his camp only after they had their differences and she exited from ‘Kal Ho Naa Ho’ to make way for you? PZ: It is not fair to club us as these two peas in a pod. I don’t think it is fair. She can’t fill my shoes nor can I fill her’s. It is nice that Kareena and Karan have made up; they had a great relationship earlier. It does not make any difference to her, him or me since we have our respective positions in life. I think I have my own place. SD: Suchitra Krishnamurthy recently penned a poem on her blog where she mentioned how a man-eater actress was threatening her marriage with director Shekhar Kapur. Did it hurt to be called a man-eater? PZ: I have read a newspaper today where she (Suchitra) says it wasn’t me. In the past 8 years I must have seen Shekhar about 7 to 8 times, so it is rather ridiculous to say I am seeing Shekhar Kapoor. I’m exceptionally fond of him and he is the guy who brought me into the industry. She did give this interview saying it wasn’t me, so why am I left to comment and justify? See I was not here when the blog was written, but I am here now when she has cleared my name. To have your name slandered here and there without any logic or reason isn’t really fair. SD: Ash and Abhi have gotten engaged. They are both friends of your’s and yet you were not present at the engagement. PZ: I think they make a wonderful pair and they both complement each other perfecrtly. Ash would make the ideal Bachchan bahu. I received an SMS about their engagement but I wasn’t in town. I was very happy for them. Whenever I have worked with Ash I have had a good working equation with her. SD: So is the taming of Abhishek happening? PZ: Taming of Abhishek can never happen. But that is the thing about them. I think they both complement each other so beautifully that he continues to be his mad self and she being proper, feminine and sweet. Together they bring out the best in each other. They are so sweet and normal. SD: So when are you setting a date for yourself? PZ: I am going to pass that question. SD: Would you call yourself commitment phobic? PZ: No. SD: One hears that your boyfriend is running behind you with a ring in his hand and you are not willing to commit. PZ: That’s not true. All the stories that people talk about my personal life are all hearsay. Only I know what is happening. People who are creating such stories about me should join films and start writing scripts, because we need better and more scriptwriters. SD: Are you the real life ‘Runaway Bride’ or you do plan to settle down with the right guy? PZ: Of course, I’m like any other normal girl. But just to prove that I’m not commitment phobic I don’t have to jump into anything. Who am I proving anything to? No one. Притька рассказывает о своем выборе проектов, как она к этому подходит. Говорит, что никогда не смотрела на ‘Jaan-e-Mann’ как на неудачу, это был фильм, который был великолепным опытом - продюсер замечательный, режиссер пытался сделать нечто новое, актеры выкладывались, как могли. Но когда ты делаешь что-то другое, людям требуется время, чтобы принять это. Через 10 лет, когда она будет смотреть ‘Jaan-e-Mann’, онабудет гордиться им, как и когда увидела его в первый раз. По поводу проблем между Сальманом и Ширишем на съемках - говорит, что это все сплетни, и неуспех фильма совершенно не связан с этим - просто на все воля божья, не все зависит от актеров и режиссера. К тому же есть множество людей, которым нравится ‘Jaan-e-Mann’. По поводу того, что Рани и она практически монопольно работают на Чопру и Джохара - и по очереди снимаются у одних и тех же режиссеров - Рани снялась в Банти и Бабли у Шаада Али - теперь Притька у него же в ‘Jhom Barabar Jhoom’, Сиддхартх Ананд снял Прити в ‘Salaam Namaste’ - не кажется ли Прити, что вы скорее товар, чем актриса? Притька говорит, что она идеально подходит к роли в ‘Jhom Barabar Jhoom’, и вообще - если начать сравнивать ее и Раньку, то у каждой своя ниша. Рани идеально подходит на роль в ‘Tara Rum Pum Pum’. Насчет работы с Аби - она обожает работать с ним, они друзья. Он очень жизнерадостный, полон жизни и сумашедшей энергии. По поводу критики, что она и Акки играли студентов в начале Джанемана - она ничего не читала подобного - и слава богу, и вообще она думает, что они выглядели неплохо, если кто-то так не думает, то это его личное мнение. Есть ли у нее какая-то стратегия, планирует ли она и дальше держаться Яшрадж, или попробует себя еще где-то? Она выбирает из любых предложений, которые к ней поступают. И сечас много предложений, которых раньше не было - это будет как открытие нового лица Прити Зинты Что она станет делать, если столкнется с такой ситуацией в жизни, какая произошла с ней в КАНК? Она не знает, и хотелось бы верить, что такое с ней не произойдет. Но если все-же что-то такое будет - значит, такая у нее судьба, и она решит, что делать, когда это случится.

wichy: интервью с Имрашей - отсюда Though it isn't public yet Emran Hashmi, just married and fresh from his honeymoon, is all set to stretch his wings beyond the family fold. Says a source, " Not that he's moving out of the Bhatt camp. Emran is too rooted to family values to turn his back on his uncles. But he's definitely doing outside films, chief among them being a comedy with Feroz Nadiadwala and another with Kumar Mangat." Emran is cautious in his reply. "When you work with a name like Mahesh Bhatt it has its pros and cons. The Bhatts do make a dark dramatic high-concept emotional kind of cinema. And it's wonderful to be part of that cinema. But I do need to explore another lighter facet of my personality as an actor" Also, one may add, the pay-cheque would be family-based and hence nominal. "Money has never been an issue with the Bhatts. Vishesh Films is a family concern. And I'm doing as many films now outside the Bhatt camp as I do outside. If I've two films with the Bhatts I now have at least two outside films including one with Shayam Bajaj with whom I did Aksar." What about the inseparable team with Himesh Reshammiya? "What about it?" Emran shoots back shyly. " For my own selfish reasons I wouldn't like to go on depending on Himesh's tracks. It then becomes like a crutch. I don't want any handicaps in my career. Yes, I'd like to believe good music adds as much to a film's success quotient as a good director. I've had a good run of films with Mohit Suri, Anurag Basu and Anant Mahadevan. It's good to learn from them and then experiment with other directorial talents. I'd rather move forward without any external support," Emran shyly refers to his move away from the Bhatts and Himesh. "Himesh and I are not husband or wife to be inseparable. He's a very talented man and he has played his cards right. He has played a big hand in my career. Himesh has given me great tracks like Aashiq banaya aapne and Jhalak dikhla ja. Music is today very important for the success of as star." Emran concludes, "I just want to do good and diverse films. I believe the boxoffice is important. For my kitchen to function it's important for the producer to profit. I'd like to work with more like-minded people. It doesn't matter who is making the film. For me acting is an expression of my personality. I started right after college assisting Bhatt Saab and Vikram Bhatt. I never felt I could make anything of my life. Then I met this man called Mahesh Bhatt who instilled a lot of confidence in me. He virtually held my hand and took me through the whole process of performing. I can never thank him enough." Marriage has brought no outward changes in Emran's life. "My wife Parveen knows my life inside-out. She recognizes my space. She knows how important my career is. She loves kids. She was teaching at a play school. She'll probably continue to do so. We haven't moved to a new place. 2007 will bring changes in my career. Somewhere I need to do films that will position my career on another level. Let's see it goes. I think this will be a very good year."

wichy: отсюда - интервью с Канганой Gangster girl Kangna Ranaut plays an ambitious BPO executive from Mumbai in her next film Metro who comes from a small town but wants to make it big in the city of dreams. “She is a practical girl but there is a very emotional side to her as well like any another women”, says Kangna about her multifaceted character. She sports a bespectacled look in the film with short hair, tight skirts, seducing blouse and very tight jackets all the time. “I play a working girl in Metro. You will never find working girls with long hair because they have got very hectic schedules which make it difficult to manage long hairs.” So this hairstyle was essentially for Metro. How did she manage shooting for other movies simultaneously? “This is what we actors have to sacrifice - on so many things. In my recent film Shaka Laka Boom Boom I had to straighten my hair everyday. We actors have to take extra care of our skin and hair. This is the price you have to pay to be a star.” And how much does she relate to her character in Metro? “Well it is very easy to make this delusion in your mind, that there are similarities in you and your character and that this character is like me. What I feel honestly is that there are no similarities. One never finds two people alike. We all are different. We all have two eyes, two ears and one nose but still in every way we are individuals and it will be very wrong to compare two individuals. I do not relate to any of my characters. Neha is a different personality altogether. I treat her like a different individual. I never mix two people. But when I am into Neha's clothes, I behave like her, talk like her and think like her. So you will not find a single trace of Kangana in my character”. Ask her about her director Anurag Basu and she only has praises to mouth. “Anurag is a very special director in everyway because he is the one who taught me everything from A of acting to whatever I know till date. Generally you do feel insulted sometimes when directors shout at you on the sets in front of twenty people; you do feel awkward when they do not approve of your suggestions and ideas. But in Anurag's case there is nothing like this and he is always welcome to disapprove anything that I have done”. So which Metro city does she like the most? “I like the film industry in Mumbai and the theatre in Delhi. I have been to Kolkatta but I do not connect to the city much”. What does she hate about the three metros? “I don't like the gutters in Mumbai. It is very embarrassing when our friends from other countries come to visit us and see the narrow streets, roads and the potholes. Again for Delhi it would be the same, the airport is very congested. I do not have any idea of what problems people face in Kolkatta.” Which is the most liberal city in India for women according to her? “That should be Mumbai”. And the most emotional city? “It is the people who are emotional and not cities. I have seen most humble and nice people at unexpected places. I come from a village where you expect people to be very humble and emotional but the culprit who threw acid on my sister's face also belongs to the same place. In Mumbai when I came here people supported me for no reason. So it all depends.” You come from a small town. Which city do you feel at home the most? “It would be Mumbai again”. Mumbai was called the rudest city recently. Does she agree? “I don't think people in Mumbai are rude deliberately but their language is not very sweet. The Mumbai language is rather strange. On the other hand the language people use in Himachal is so sweet. But one cannot blame Mumbai people for that. Language depends on many factors like the geography, weather and other things.” Finally does she believe that metropolitan life induces people to have more affairs like what her character indulges into in Metro? “In this film I have an affair with a person who is older to me. Metropolitan cities deal with extra ordinary emotions, life is very different and complicated. Life is difficult in metros and stressful and also it is not a very normal lifestyle we have in metros. So yes there are chances of affairs”, she laughs off with a wicked gleam in her eyes.

wichy: отсюда Интервью с Шилпой In person, Shilpa Shetty is every bit as bubbly and energetic as she seems onscreen. She exudes a fun, confident energy and her ear-to-ear grin is contagious. She is friendly and approachable rather than distant and glamorous. She's the kind of woman that men want to hang out with because she's gorgeous with perfect, mile-long legs. She's the kind of person that women want to be friends with because she is courageous, bold and is great at dishing out the right advice. In an exclusive one on one interview at the Soho Hotel in Central London, Shilpa talks to IndiaFM's London Correspondent, Devansh Patel about the expectations from her film Life in a Metro, whether she will kiss onscreen in her forthcoming films, her marriage and why after a decade in films, she still has the best body in business. How does it feel to be back on screen after nearly a year? It feels really good and better because life has changed. Luckily, people are expecting something out of me from Life in a Metro. I am happy to be back facing the camera after what I faced in Big Brother. Main Khiladi Tu Anari set the bench mark for you after the hit song, 'Chura Ke Dil Mera' and Dhadkan set your career chart climbing. What are your expectations from Life in a Metro? I really hope that people in the West get to see a different India. Audiences here don't have a clue what India is all about because they are under the impression that India is not modern. We just want to show them that we Indians go through the same emotions as people all over the world go through. The only difference in the film is that because we have a lot of cultural attachment in India, there is a slight difference in the way we approach things. In your 15 year career, doesn't the deliberate move to do fewer films hamper your future in the industry? Not at all! At this stage it really doesn't. That's the best move I could have made. I rather do one or two films a year which are the most talked about. Metro came to me at the right time and I am extremely proud of it because I am not doing the run of the mill kind of movies. There has been a conscious effort into doing Indian cinema that justifies me, whether it is Dus, Phir Milenge, Rishtey, Dhadkan, etc. They were all different films for me. Irrfan and you are the senior most actors from the entire cast and highly experienced. How easy or difficult it is to work with new comers like Shiny Ahuja and Konkana Sen Sharma? They are new but they are brilliant actors. What's really fabulous is the fact that Metro is a very well cast film. Every character is the right actor for that particular character. I couldn't have visualised my role to be played by somebody else and I could not have portrayed Kangana's or Konkana's character in the film. It is quite easy to work with new talents because they know what they are doing. We do give our inputs where necessary but it's the job of my director and his word is final. Do you think Life in a Metro might lead to a controversy as the younger generation may take the path of what the characters in the film do? We are only trying to show people what's happening in the metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi. We are not telling our audience to copy us and nor are we proving a point here. As we are taught back home that learn the good things out of life and films. Metro is very unpretentious. The fact that my role of Shikha has an opportunity to make a better decision but is still willing to make that sacrifice just goes to show that Indian women are so resilient. I don't want to give away most of the plot but having said that, in no way it is trying to put down the Indian culture and trying to set a bad example. All the characters are human and we also know that humans make mistakes. So if you want to see an infallible character and one who is perfect, please don't watch Life in a Metro. With lot said about the kissing episode of Richard Gere, do you consider lucky not to be working with Anurag Basu's favourite, Emraan Hashmi, known to be the serial kisser of Indian cinema? (Laughs) I don't know how many people have seen my movies but in the last fifteen years I haven't kissed on screen. In this film I come very close to kissing Shiny Ahuja. The intimate moment between the two of us was shot so brilliantly that full credit goes to Anurag for the way he has handled the two characters, and at the end of it all, you actually want both of them to kiss each other. But yes, I have made it very clear in all my contracts that I don't kiss onscreen. That's why it is very strange about what happened of the Richard Gere episode because I haven't kissed onscreen and all of a sudden people saw a foreign actor kissing an Indian actress in public which some lunatics thought to be against the Indian values and culture. I feel sad for them. What has been your experience working with the director Anurag Basu? He is one of the most underrated directors. According to me, Life in a Metro is one of the best pieces of work in Indian cinema. If this film works, it will put Anurag into a different bracket altogether. It's a difficult film to make with so many actors and then to justify all of them. Anurag has made a mix of realistic and entertaining cinema with a balance in Metro. There are times in the movie where I've laughed with Irrfan, there are times when I've hated Kay Kay or I've loved Konkana. There are times when I've questioned certain characters and there are times when I feel empathy for Sharman. So, there are all these emotions which Anurag has been able to bring out of me as an audience which I think is fantastic. Metro is not a usual Bollywood movie. In the last 15 years I haven't kissed onscreen. In this film I come very close to kissing Shiny Ahuja. Though at the end of it all, you actually want both of them to kiss each other. What would you choose? Life in a Metro as a bold film without being vulgar or a clever film without being artificial? I think both. It is a bold film which is very cleverly made with real life situations looking quite like an original day to day event unfolding in someone's life. Do you think that the music is a saviour of the film? Music is an integral part of Metro. Pritam and the band have done a wonderful job of creating a special group of three only for this film. They have maintained the rock element throughout the film without losing the Indian touch, and despite being so commercial, it has a very lyrical and a soulful appeal to it. I love all the songs but my favourite are 'In dino' & 'Alvida'. I wish the British audience understands the music because the music tells the story of the films characters, so whether the music will save the film is entirely up to the audience. You play a house wife in the reel life, but in real life, when are we going to see you as a wife in someone else's house? (Laughs) My guess is as good as yours. Right now, there is nobody in my life. This is one of the very few Hindi films to be premiered outside India. Are you proud of the fact that it's happening now or is it happening because of one name - Shilpa Shetty? Gosh! I don't know how to answer this question. I am proud that an Indian movie is premiered in Leicester Square and I'm happy that it's happening with Metro. I hope events like these open doors to many other Indian films in the future. You are one of the few actresses who can carry off a sari and still look stylish and sexy, onscreen. What's the secret? Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, I guess. You've seen me that beautifully in the film. I thank you for such a grand compliment.

wichy: отсюда Интервью с Конконой Сен Шарма. Konkana Sen Sharma is not just recognized because of her director mother anymore. Today she has carved a niche for herself and is recognized for her performance oriented roles. Her soon to be released film Metro is already getting her rave responses. The dark beauty speaks to IndiaFM about Metro, Yashraj and life in Hindi cinema. Omkara, Traffic Signal and now Metro. Your choice in Bollywood is quite interesting. I am very glad that Anurag Basu came to me for this film because I really enjoyed this film. When he narrated the subject to me I liked my role but I never imagined that it will come up as well as it has. I guess Anurag had this whole thing in his head. And I like Anurag very much. I like Anurag's vibe. I have never seen any of his film. I had heard he is a good director. I just went with my instinct and decided to do it. And also another factor was that Irfan Khan was opposite me and I really like working with him. He is a very good actor. You search for a prospective groom in Metro through matrimonial portals. That's actually justifies your metropolitan character Shruti is a young girl living and earning on her own in Bombay. But she is also one bit shy and under confident. She is looking for love but she doesn't know where to find it. So she goes to matrimony portals and she meets Irrfan. He turns out to be a very slimy guy in the beginning and she thinks 'oh god he is really staring at wrong places and saying all kinds of funny things'. He is a social misfit but slowly she tries to look beyond all that. Will you be seen in another intense performance? No. My role in Metro is very light hearted compared to some other films that I have done. My story is quite funny and perky though it's not hysterical or a sarcastic comedy. How is Irrfan Khan as a co star? I like him very much. I think we have a lot of respect for each other which is always very healthy. I really think he is a genius. He is one of the best actors we have. He can make any scene look good. He can make any actor look good. You started your career with some non commercial films then you moved on to mainstream cinema. Now that you have gained recognition in commercial cinema, would you continue doing offbeat films? I am also doing offbeat cinema simultaneously which you refer as non-commercial films. I continue to do it but people don't get to know about these because often they don't get a theatrical release as they are targeted at festival audience. Then some are in Bengali and others are in black and white like Dosarwhich not many are interested in. And then you have bagged two Yashraj projects. Aaja Nachley is been directed by Anil Mehta who is a renowned cameraman. This is his first film as a director. Aaja Nachley is going to be a fun song and dance film and its Madhuriji's comeback film. She is fabulous. Everyone knows she is a great dancer and a brilliant actress. It's a lovely script. And the other film is Pradeep Sarkar's next which is called Laga Chunri Mein Daag. Well it's actually Rani's film. It's her journey from Banaras to Bombay and I am playing her younger sister. It's a great cast. There is Kunal Kapoor and Abhishek Bachchan and Anupam Kher. Jaya Bachan is one of my favorites. Does it feel any different working with Yashraj? The one thing that makes me happy about working with Yashraj is that my film will be released for sure. And they will be released with a lot of care as the Yashraj team really looks after every single detail of the film. In one of your interviews you mentioned that you are more comfortable speaking English and Bengali. How did you manage to get your Hindi dialect in place? I understand and speak Hindi but not so fluently. The gender really confuses me in Hindi because Bengali dialect doesn't have any gender. So I keep getting my gender mixed up and I don't like to speak it wrong. Acting in the film is not a problem because you are given the dialogues in the hand to memorize it well. Finally which is the film very close to your heart? It has to be 15 Park Avenue. I play a girl who is a schizophrenic called Mithi. It was difficult role to play, it was very close to my heart. A very special film directed by my mother.

wichy: отсюда Интервью с Рамгопалом Вармой As Ram Gopal Varma Ke Sholay readies for release, the director says he loves women and fields questions on Urmila, Nisha, Jiah, and why he's finally doing a film with Bachchan bahu Aishwarya Rai There are different views on the remake. People like writer Salim Khan want to see it, while Jaya Bachchan and Hema Malini said on Koffee with Karan that Sholay shouldn't be remade. Jaya Bachchan even said you were upset with her for saying that. No, I'm not upset with her! In fact when I heard she said that, I said, “It's a family problem. She should then tell her husband not to do it.” And fine, there will be opinions. But without knowing what I'm making, just reacting to me remaking Sholay, that's not right. My enemies are tense that I just might pull it off and my well wishers are tense I might not… Either way, everybody is tense. Did you ever think of making Gabbar more contemporary by maybe playing with his sexuality? (Horrified) I don't understand… you mean making him gay? Well, there's a theory that suppressing sexual fantasies can bring out a vicious, sadistic streak. No, Gabbar should be as macho as me. The thought has never entered my head. I hope it doesn't mean I have anything against gays, but I love women too much and I want to show my men that way. There's more nostalgia - Urmila Matondkar is back in your camp, dancing to Mehbooba, Mehbooba. There's no camp - it's all in the media's minds. There are just rooms in my office, so now I have 10 camps! I didn't have anything interesting for her but with Mehbooba, I think she's a fantastic dancer and will bring her attitude to the song. You're the first to shoot with newly-weds Abhishek and Aishwarya. Are you shooting in Hyderabad because of media frenzy? No, Hyderabad is the location for Sarkar 2. Whether they are newly-weds or purana-weds, they are two actors for me. And if the media wishes to be there, it will follow them to Hyderabad. Why haven't you worked with Aishwarya before this? Didn't she fit into your earthy, sensual mould? It's just that I needed a reason. A character requires that or this - Sarkar 2 is a high intensity, raw film, so there isn't scope for much glamour. We don't expect to see Ash as an intense actor - we expect to see her stylish, beautiful, in superb costumes and shot in diffusion filters. This new image will be raw and rugged. It's out in media that she will play a scheming, controlling wife. That's untrue. It's an exciting, different role, but she isn't the manipulative, scheming type. Speaking of reports, one day you're moving in with Jiah Khan, the next, buying a bed for Nisha Kothari. Yeah, one day I heard I was house-hunting for Jiah and the next day, the story was that we were fighting and she was out of my camp. Then, I was buying a car for her. These stories have nothing to do with me. But do you have a role for Jiah at all? I have no films with her. She was perfect for the part in Nishabd. Now I'm making Sarkar 2, while RGV Sholay is ready. What about Go, Shabari and Darling? They are all ready and will release between June-August. How do you look back on the string of flops like Darwaza Bandh Rakho, Darna Zaroori Hai, Shiva and Mr Ya Miss? I'd call it a garland of flops (laughs). I look at it the same way the audience does. I don't blame anyone, but I don't stand by those films. They were decisions that went wrong. It was my over-indulgence and hurriedness. I didn't have time to look at them between my own films. Now I'll get my act right, then I'll assign films. People say, 'Ramu's lost it. He's either remaking his own or other's films.' They have a point. See, I've always done remakes. Shiva (Nagarjuna one) was a remake of Arjun and Kaalchakra, Bhoot of Raat and Satya of Drohi. So if they think I've lost it, that attitude is subjective. Your last film Nishabd sunk at the box office. What do you feel went wrong? Lots of people ask me why things weren't tied up - in real life, it doesn't. It would look false if all the loose ends were properly tied up to make it either a definite tragedy or happy ending. Also, many people reacted violently to a few scenes in Nishabd - I didn't anticipate that. Was it because people couldn't see Amitabh Bachchan wanting his daughter's best friend? It's possible. When we first discussed this film, Amitji told me that quite a few people, including his family, didn't want him to do it. Even his make-up man, who probably never opened his mouth in 25-30 years of service, asked Amitji not to do this film! (laughs) But both of us felt that people didn't know what we were making - they were just reacting to the one-line story. I'm basically an immoral, anti-social element. I don't have the guts to be a criminal so thankfully I've become a filmmaker. Many people are moralistic - that was a revelation to me. But many older people loved the film, saying that it mirrored their marriages, their needs. That is the strange part of Nishabd. I really don't know if it's a failure. People could have had issues with Amitabh Bachchan or why Jiah was behaving a certain way, but everyone took them as real people - that was good for me. People say there should have been sex in it or that Amitabh Bachchan shouldn't have done that role - extreme opposites. What's the status on your office? You designed The Factory with so much passion - how did you feel moving out? I'm looking for an office, but haven't found one to suit my tastes yet. As for The Factory, I'm not attached to anything but myself. If I'm under a tree or in a bungalow, it doesn't matter. I operate from my mind, not a place. Back to Sholay, what's happening with the court case? The case is sub judice. Whatever the complainant (Sasha Sippy) is feeling is completely false. They don't know what I'm making and secondly, it isn't Sholay, it's Ram Gopal Varma Ke Sholay - that's the title registered with IMPA (Indian Motion Pictures Association) - anyways, those arguments are going on in court. Meanwhile shooting is over. We're doing post-production. We will decide on the release date in a week or two. How do you feel about what you've made? The original was a favourite of yours… Yeah, well for any filmmaker, making a film is an emotional process. Sometimes you hear, “In his heart, he knows he's made a bad film.” That's bulls***. How can he and also why would he then make it? Regarding Sholay - I respected the old film so much that I've made it. But the setting is different. Locations, characters have changed in spite of me being very close to the spirit of Sholay. Are you staying with the names of old characters? Some of them. Is this tribute like the one you made to Godfather with Sarkar? Things are much closer in this case. When you think of old seventies films like The Magnificent Seven or Seven Samurai, all of them had this one man seeking revenge and sending people on a mission. It is like a throwback to that genre that Sholay captured then to suit the mindset of the audience even in rural areas. But if I take the same mindset and set it in 2007, in Bombay, obviously it would be different. If those films hadn't been made, Sholay wouldn't have and then I wouldn't have made this. It's all complexly connected. Farhan Akhtar reportedly said that there can never be another Sholay. But he remade Don. So how does that feel? I don't know if he's said that, but as a viewer he has his right to decide what he wants or doesn't want to see. But I wanted to see his Don and I did. And what did you think? (Pauses) You caught me there (laughs). I liked and didn't like lots of things but I won't tell you what they were. Obviously Mr Bachchan is convinced of his part. But how does he feel of someone else doing Jai? Did you sense any possessiveness? If it was there, he kept it a secret. But Amitji is an incredible professional. I don't think he has the inclination or time to see what else is happening. There have been many problems during its making. Mohit Ahlawat, meant to play Jai, was replaced. There is a solution to every problem. I work too fast to ever live with a problem. At one point of time, I took a decision on Mohit, on another point I took it on Raj. People feel Ajay Devgan should have played the strong, silent Jai. But again, that's because you're looking at a typical aspect of Ajay, probably from Company. The way I've designed the roles; no one knows what I'm doing. Ajay does a steamy song in it. How did you convince him? It's a first in his career. I just told him that I've had enough of shooting women, for a change I think I'll shoot a man barebodied. I guess over Company and Bhoot, he's developed a certain trust in me - it's just an extension of that. Aren't you banking on everyone seeing your remake once out of curiosity? People keep saying that. I don't know how much the generation between 16-25 know of Sholay, even though they may have heard of it. Take Raj, who is playing Jai's role. He hasn't seen Sholay! He's 27-28. Didn't you want Raj to see the original? I was taken aback. When I first took him for the role, I had asked him to watch Sholay. Fifteen days later when I asked, he said he'd seen it more or less. I said, “What do you mean? When was the last time you'd seen it?” He replied, “Never. I didn't see it because it just didn't hold me.” (laughs)

Акмарал: wichy : По поводу того, что Рани и она практически монопольно работают на Чопру и Джохара - и по очереди снимаются у одних и тех же режиссеров В принципе точно подмеченно, с такими банерами успех всегда обеспечен и они могут не переживать за дальнейшую карьеру,как другие. wichy cпасибо большое за перевод! Извените,что не в тему,но у меня риторический вопрос -кого в Индии сейчас считают актрисой номер 1? Или,кто занял это место после ухода Мадхури Дикшит?

wichy: Акмарал : в Индии сейчас считают актрисой номер 1? Ну, вообще по факту - Ранька с Ашкой наверно. Если по кассовым хитам - то Ранька, пожалуй, если по вниманию, уделяемому прессой и общественностью - то Ашка. Притька близко - но все же ИМХО вторая. Хотя кто их индусов знает...

Акмарал: wichy : Если по кассовым хитам - то Ранька Я также считала,но все же Рани думаю, кассовость картин всегда имела большую важность.

wichy: отсюда Интервью с Табу про Cheeni Cum After the success of Mira Nair’s The Namesake, Tabu is all set for the release of her new movie, Cheeni Kum where she will be seen romancing Amitabh Bachchan. After breathing life into Ashima Ganguly in Mira Nair’s The Namesake, Tabu is all set to entertain the masses with her next movie Cheeni Kum that releases on May 25. The film will see her romancing Amitabh Bachchan who plays a chef over 30 years her senior. On a visit to the Capital, Tabu talked to our correspondent about movies and more. Excerpts: Why was there such a long hiatus before The Namesake? I felt the expectations were getting very high. People were more interested in the result than the experience of working. The strain was getting to me and I was just not excited by the films offered to me. So I decided to take a break. It’s not such a big deal because now I am back after a long, relaxing vacation. How was it working with Amitabh Bachchan in Cheeni Kum? It was a pleasure working with him. He plays Buddhadev Gupta, a Bengali chef, and looks very good in the movie. Why is the movie called Cheeni Kum (less sugar)? I feel chinni is symbolic of love here, and since the film deals with the absence or lack of love in the lives of the protagonists, the name is quite apt. Tell us something about the movie. It is a romantic movie with an unusual and interesting storyline. It has more to do with the characters and their lives, which lack love. It was an interesting script to work on. Do you think the audience will react favourably to a story where the hero and the heroine have a huge age difference? We’ll have to see how they will react, but I think we underestimate the viewers. You have always been associated with serious cinema. Is there any particular role that you would like to do? If the script is good, I can even do a comic role. Would you ever romance someone who is 30 years your senior, like your character does in Cheeni Kum? It would depend on who the man is. (Laughs)

geeta: wichy : It would depend on who the man is. Вот именно! Кто это от Амита такого откажется?

wichy: geeta : Вот именно! Кто это от Амита такого откажется Я тоже сразу за это взглядом зацепилась Тем более что wichy : He plays Buddhadev Gupta, a Bengali chef, and looks very good in the movie.

geeta: Аха, я тоже заметила, что выглядит он на все сто! А хвостик сразу лет 20 скидывает, да и в глазах эта его молодая искра, которая в старых фильмах так всех пронзала... Фотки, что уже мелькали, просто супер, все блекнут рядом с этим неистощимым источником энергии! Он активнее прыгает, чем Аби!

wichy: Интервью с Амиром по поводу его новых релизов - отсюда Mumbai, May 20: Everyone talks about Aamir Khan. They tell you he is a control freak. They tell you he has shelved the much-awaited Mani Ratnam film Lajjo. They tell you he fired debutant director Amol Gupte from his home production. They announce his marriage with Kiran Rao is over. Sometimes, once every couple of years, he chooses to do the talking. And then, everyone listens.In an exclusive interview to The Indian Express on the sets of his forthcoming film Ghajini, Aamir broke his silence and made a big announcement: yes, he has turned director with Taare Zameen Par! You have been quiet for a long time now. When I’m doing a film, I find myself too absorbed in it; so I’m unable to spare time for interviews. I’m not good at multitasking. Creating time for the interview is not an issue, but creating mindspace for it is. Also, I don’t see the point in saying the same stuff every three weeks to different people. I’d rather be working and talk when I feel I need to. But how do you explain the fact that people remember the one exclusive interview you decide to give? I don’t know. I’m not making an attempt to make statements that people remember. I try and give honest answers. So maybe that’s why. Last year, you gave us a double whammy with Rang De Basanti and Fanaa. One would have expected grand things of you but you turn around and sign a very small and personal film like Taare Zameen Par. My choice of films is governed by my heart and instinct. I’m not governed by what the market demands. I loved the script of Taare Zameen Par and that’s why I agreed to be a part of it. It’s very simple. When I’m reading a script, I react to it as a member of the audience. If it excites me, I want to do it, irrespective of the budget. Could it also be that since you have acquired the reputation of being different, you have to do something different each time? I’m not trying to be different. There is no such pressure on me. I pick scripts based on what I like and the ones that I pick will be different because I follow my taste. Rang De Basanti and Lagaan were rejected by everyone, but I did them because I liked them. So you think it’s the industry’s misconception to suggest you’re different? I don’t know about that. All I know is that in the last six years, all my films have been diametrically different from what other people are making. Perhaps my choice is different. I do think that what you choose reflects on the kind of person you are. In that case, you must be quite a secure actor. Rang De Basanti had six other equally important characters. Almost all other big stars had turned it down. I don’t think I’m an insecure actor. To me, filmmaking is about the film, not the individual. If I like a film, I like it because it has all the elements. If it is tampered with, its beauty will be destroyed. As an actor, I believe my job is to get the script right. How do you explain the tags of “control freak” and “interfering actor”? The fact is that I haven’t spoken to the film media for the last 15 years. The result is that they hit out at me whenever they get a chance. Today, any and every untrue story is being reported. What’s more disturbing is that even the national media has become like the film media. You must have seen that recently a film magazine carried a story on my marriage being on the rocks. Soon, the national channels also picked it up. I call that yellow journalism. You are referring to the Stardust story. Let me first ask: is the story true? Is there trouble between your wife Kiran and you? Not at all. That news is all wrong. It’s utter crap. I don’t usually comment on my personal life, but unfortunately these meaningless rumours are forcing me to comment. All this talk about my marriage being over is a figment of someone’s imagination. Why don’t you sue the magazine? If the legal system in our country were strong enough, I would have filed a case. I checked with my lawyers and they tell me that I should take it up if I want to spend the next 20 years of my life fighting a case. All this distracts me from my work, which I love doing. What is your reaction to these stories? Sometimes I laugh and sometimes I get irritated. There are moments when I also feel sad, especially when I think that some people have to earn money by lying about others. The only thing that keeps me going is that I know in my heart that my audience knows me. I know that they won’t believe the crap that is written about me. How do your family and kids react? My family is used to it. So they don’t believe it. As for my kids, if anything has to be told to them, I’ll tell them. They will never find out what’s happening in their father’s life from the media. It’s almost as if you operate in an alternative industry: you work with your own group of people, you don’t attend award functions, don’t sip coffee on talk shows and hardly give interviews. Is it by design? (Laughs) I think that’s a wrong way of putting it. I’m very much a part and product of this industry. It’s just that whatever I do in my life, small or big, I like to do it on my terms. I like doing things that I believe in. I can see that I’m an oddball and I don’t fit the requirements of what is recognised as a star today. What is your definition of being a star? In my opinion, a star is defined by the number of seats he can fill in the theatres in the first week on his own merit, irrespective of the director and co-stars. I’ve been fulfilling that requirement so far. Will we ever see you acting in a mindless comedy and a mushy romance? I don’t want to use the words ‘mindless’ and ‘mushy’ loosely. I would like to do a purely romantic film, which may not be in the realm of logic, which is what Fanaa was. It was not a logical film but it was from the heart. But I have to confess that I’m comfortable doing different kinds of cinema. I want people to be entertained in different ways and I want to be able to entertain them in different ways. Of late, you’ve worked with a lot of new or less successful directors. Do you want to give new people a break? My purpose is not to give other people an opportunity. My purpose is to do films I like so that I can entertain people. I do films with directors in whom I have faith. It doesn’t matter how their last film fared, as in the case of Rakeysh Mehra and Ashutosh Gowariker. My choice of what film I’m doing depends on three factors: trust and faith in the director, the script he wants to make and the producer. I don’t compromise on any of these. There are rumours that you (and not Amol Gupte) have directed Taare Zameen Par. Yes, that’s true. But that’s not how it started out. A couple of years ago, Amol came to me with a script that I fell in love with. He wanted me to act in it and produce it. I was happy to do both. Amol wanted to direct the film and I agreed since I felt he was capable. But one week into the shooting of Taare Zameen Par, I wasn’t happy with what I saw of the rushes. I lost faith in Amol and his capability of translating on screen what he had so beautifully written on paper. At which point, I expressed my feelings to him and did what was fair and returned the script back to him so that he could direct it for another producer, with another actor. But Amol came back to me and said he wants me to continue as the producer and he decided to step back as the director. After going through various names and options, Amol suggested that I take over as director. Our main concern was the child who has a pivotal role in the film. Both of us felt that we had found a magical child in Darsheel Safary. Any new director coming in would mean a delay of six to eight months and we were afraid Darsheel might grow up. It was Amol’s suggestion that I take over as director. So I took on the responsibility and did the best I could. How was the experience? Emotionally, it was very difficult for me as I’m sure it was for Amol because we have been friends for more than 25 years. Amol is an extremely talented person and I’m certain that he will direct a film soon and direct it well. Amol’s contribution to the film is immense. He was with me every day on the shoot, guiding me and, at times, even correcting me. I’m grateful that he stayed on and helped me make the film. But did you enjoy direction? I must confess that it was one rough journey because I had to jump in without any preparation. I’d always wanted to direct a film but this was not an ideal situation. I’d have liked to spend time on the script and visualise it. Working with kids can be tough but we had a great bunch of kids, especially Darsheel, Sachet and Tanay Chheda. It was extremely challenging and a great learning experience. Despite all that, it was fun. (Taare Zameen Par will release on December 21.) Is it true that you’ve rejected your wife Kiran’s script thrice? Not true. Kiran will direct soon. I must confess that I was bowled over by the script she has written. I’m definitely going to produce it. Unfortunately, there is no role for me in it and I’m extremely sad about that. But I’ve requested her to tweak one of the characters to fit me in. I hope she does. What is the philosophy of Aamir Khan Productions? To do films we believe in and enjoy making them. What will it take for an Indian film to win an Oscar? The film just needs to be able to impress the committee that is judging the foreign language films. When people ask me what made Lagaan reach the top five, I say it was because the people who saw Lagaan loved it. And when I’m asked if I was disappointed that Lagaan didn’t win the Oscar, I say reaching the top five is an achievement itself. Is winning an Oscar important? It’s of minor importance. I’d be happy to win one. But I give more importance to the audience’s reaction to my work and what I feel about it. What is the status of Lajjo? Trade reports suggest that the film has been shelved. The last that I know of it is that Mani (Ratnam) is working on the songs and the script. If there is any change, I’ll check and get back to you. This one is a personal request. Can’t you drag Mansoor Khan (Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar) back to direction? (Laughs) I’ve tried my level best. In fact, I requested him to be the creative producer of a film I’m producing, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, wherein I’m launching my nephew Imraan. He was kind enough to agree. That was my way of getting him back ki thoda sa chaska lagega. Mansoon tells me that he’s working on something; so let’s wait and watch. Shah Rukh, Salman and you have dominated films for over 17 years now. What makes The Khans so special? I’ve no idea. You need to check with the audience. Who, in your opinion, can take over after The Khans? I don’t think we’re planning to move out soon. But Hrithik (Roshan) is a good actor and a popular star. Even Abhishek (Bachchan) is doing well. What was the last film you saw that you wished you had acted in? (Thinks hard) I can’t think of any. Karan Johar has said you don’t respect him as a filmmaker. I’ve seen all three films by Karan. I loved Kuch Kuch Hota Hai but I was extremely disappointed with Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham and Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna. I think Karan is capable but his last two films have disappointed me as an audience. What has been your most satisfying performance as an actor? Thinks hard) It’s a very tough question. It’s very difficult to be objective. I’m happier with my last four-five films like Rang De Basanti, Fanaa, Mangal Pandey, Dil Chahta Hai, Lagaan and Sarfarosh. As I grow as an actor, I find I don’t like my previous work. I feel there were too many mistakes. It’s a process, I guess. Has there been a performance that makes you cringe? Oh, there have been quite a few. I’d rather not name the films. Амир говорит, что в выборе проектов руководствуется серцем и инстинктом - а не запросами рынка. Ему понравился сценарий Taare Zameen Par, и он взялся за него. Короче, он берется за любой проект - большой или малый - если ему интересно. Он не пытается быть "другим", просто выбирает сценарии, которые ему нравятся, а они оказываются "другими", потому что он следует своему вкусу. Те же Rang De Basanti и Lagaan были отвергнуты всеми, но ему понравились, и он сделал их. Также Амир говорит, что вся история о его разрыве с текущей женой - неправда Насчет того, что Амир был режиссером Taare Zameen Par - Амир подтверждает это. Говорит, что это было непросто - ему пришлось приступить к делу, совершенно не готовясь. Он всегда хотел быть режиссером, но это не идеальная ситуация. Ему хотелось бы иметь больше времени на то, чтобы обдумать сценарий. К тому же пришлось работать с детьми, что тоже не просто. Но это было очень интересно и отличный урок. Да и вообще, весело было. Амир собирается продюсировать фильм своей жены Кирна, потому что ему очень понравился сцераний. Но роли там для него нет, чем он очень опечален. Поэтому попросил ее вписать туда какого-нибудь персонажа и для него. Насчет Lajjo - Амир уклоняется от ответа, говоря, что по последней информации Мани Ратнам работает над песняим и сценарием, как только будет что-то новое он расскажет. Насчет того, кто будет доминирующим актером после Кханов - говорит, что они (Сальман, Шах, Амир) уходить пока не собираются - но по его мнению Ритик хороший актер и очень популярен, и у Абишека тоже неплохо идут дела. На вопрос о том, что Каран сказал, что Амир не уважает его как фильммейкера - Амир говорит, что видел все три фильма Карана, ему понравился Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, но он был жестоко разочарован Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham и Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna. Он считает, что Каран талантлив, но два последних фильма были неудачны. Насчет того, какая роль была для него самой лучшей как для актера - Амир ответил, что это сложный вопрос, трудно быть объективный. Он доволен своими последними фильмами Rang De Basanti, Fanaa, Mangal Pandey, Dil Chahta Hai, Lagaan и Sarfarosh. По мере того, как он растет как актер, ему все меньше нравятся предыдущие работы, он видит ошибки - поэтому это бесконечный процесс, он думает.

wichy: [url=http://www.naachgaana.com/2007/05/21/every-actor-within-the-film-industry-wants-to-work-with-3-people-in-their-career-%e2%80%93-karan-johar-yash-chopra-and-sanjay-leela-bhansali-%e2%80%93-lara-dutta/]отсюда - интервью с Ларой Датта[/url] Last year she featured in a one scene ignorable appearance in Yash Raj Film’s Fanaa and perhaps that helped her to bag a full-fledged role in Yash Chopra’s next Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. Lara Dutta is back to entwine the magic she weaved three years back and is ready to Jhoom in what she calls the most challenging role she has ever played on screen. From her Mumbai residence, the actress talks exclusively to IndiaFM’s London correspondent Devansh Patel about her experience working with Yash Raj and Abhishek Bachchan and why she feels that Jhoom Barabar Jhoom will simply rock. Are you ready to Jhoom Barabar Jhoom on June 15? You bet. We’ve been ready for a while now. We are just waiting for everybody else to join in. It’s been four years that you’ve joined the Indian Film Industry. Has the experience been larger than life? I definitely think so. I think I’ve been really fortunate because there are many actresses who have had their long run with the industry but are still looking for that right break. I as a matter of fact have only been here since four years and have got some lucky breaks in such a short duration. So, to sum it up, it’s been a hard learning experience. There are many actresses who have had their long run with the industry but are still looking for that right break. How do you feel to be a part of your biggest release till date and to work with the likes of Yash Raj Films? For any actor within the film industry, there are three people with whom you definitely want to work with in your entire acting career – Karan Johar from Dharma Productions, Yash Raj Films and Sanjay Leela Bhansali. In just four years I’ve managed to work with both Dharma Productions and Yash Raj and it’s been fantastic. But the more you work with Yash Raj, they spoil you for good (laughs), and working with the YRF banner has been one of the most rewarding experiences within my career. Is Jhoom Barabar Jhoom a comic caper, an out and out musical or is the film associated with football? All I can say at this present moment is that Jhoom Barabar Jhoom is a romantic comedy. In the current promos, you are sporting a very short hairstyle. Is it Lara’s new look in the film we will be seeing? In this film I play an assistant manager of the Ritz Hotel in Paris. So, being a French citizen, I have a French cut hairstyle. Also, I speak Hindi with a French accent. But it’s not that I had to part with my hair for the short look in the film. I did have short hair during the filming of my next release Partner too. It’s fun having a different look in your films. This is the third time you will be sharing screen space with Abhishek Bachchan after Mumbai Se Aaya Mera Dost and a special appearance by both of you in Ek Ajnabee. Tell us something about your dost who is now not an ajnabee. Abhishek has matured tremendously as an actor. He has had his share of flops and successes in the past but now when you see him, he is a completely different co-star. Abhishek has taken his own acting ability to another level. He is a very good friend who has learnt from his mistakes and has not let it affect his present situation. Though, he is a brat on and off the sets, and you will understand what I mean when you watch the film. Abhishek Bachchan, Bobby Deol, Preity Zinta and you will be having a great hand in making Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, Shaad Ali’s third hit in a row. How does that feel? I don’t know what the fate of the film will be at the box-office. But I am sure that Jhoom Barabar Jhoom will simply rock with the audiences in India and abroad. Shaad is a fabulous director and it reflects in each of his films, be it Saathiya or Bunty aur Babli. He has a great ability to bring out the best from his actors and not everyone can do that. One of the best in his genre, he is different, mad, and at the same time, intelligent. I hope we give Shaad his hat-trick. After Dil Chahta Hai this is Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy’s best music which will appeal to the younger generation. The title song of JBJ is the jhoom of the town here. What do you have to say? This is the real Shankar-Ehsan-Loy music - young and crazy. I think, after Dil Chahta Hai this is their best music they have given which will appeal to the younger generation. They have done an amazing job by recording the same song Jhoom Barabar Jhoom in three different styles. That’s not easy. The songs also carry the story forward and are an integral part of the film. Do you think the length of the film will play a key part in its success? I think now-a-days; a lot of care is taken to ensure that the film does not cross the two and a half mark duration. Infact, many of the recent films have shown only two hours duration. The audiences have become quite conscious that they want all the ingredients in a film to be covered in couple of hours because they are the ones who decide our success. If they think that three hour films do not work then the director has to take that into consideration. The latest film which suffered such consequences was Salaam-E-Ishq. But I’m sure the producer and the director of JBJ must have taken into account the length of the film before its release. Which is your favourite track from the film? I love the title song ‘Jhoom Barabar Jhoom’ which has Mr Amitabh Bachchan in it. It’s very classy. Now that the film is about to be released after three weeks, looking back, how satisfied are you with your performance you’ve given in the film? Right now, I am anxious for the release. I really cannot wait any longer. Yes, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom has been a roller-coaster ride. I am happy and content with the inputs my director and I have given to the film. If I was to rate this film, it would be at the top of my list. This is going to be Abhishek’s first big release after his big wedding with Aishwarya. . Any message you would like to give to the married couple? I have met Abhishek when he was not so high on life, when he was not doing so well and was struggling to survive and his relationships were not working out. And now when you see him it’s completely vice-versa. It’s so nice to see him happy with Aishwarya. They both make a lovely couple. Why should one go and watch Jhoom Barabar Jhoom on June 15? You have to watch Jhoom Barabar Jhoom because if you don’t watch it, you are going to miss one of the best times in your life.

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