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wichy: И снова обо всем...

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wichy: отсюда The Bachchans have left no stone unturned as far as the security for the Abhi-Ash wedding is concerned. Security arrangements will be all- encompassing across the areas covering Jasla and Pratiksha, and the 10th Road of JVPD scheme. Hi-tech electronic equipment have been installed and besides this exceptional security surveillance, not less than 300 security guards will be on their toes for the sake of top-notch political and social glitterati who will be attending India's most publicised wedding this year. The kadak bandobast is a given considering the who's who of India's political and social arena will be attending the wedding. Reveals a top police official (who's identity has been kept confidential on his request) "There will be a host of A-listers from the political and social arena but only Balasaheb Thackeray and Mulayam Singh Yadav will be allowed their personal security." The issue at the hand now is whether the 10th road will be open for traffic on the wedding day. There might be strong opposition from the public for doing this since such an arrangement is technically illegal. • There will be a host of A-listers from the political and social arena but only Balasaheb Thackeray and Mulayam Singh Yadav will be allowed their personal security –– A police officer A-list guest: Balasaheb Thackeray Says Pradeep Shinde, Sr. Inspector of Police, "According to the law, the traffic can be deviated only for an Indian or foreign President and Prime Minister, and not for anyone else. So, it is highly unlikely that the rules will be bent in this case." The Bachchans are all set to overcome whatever situation comes forth given these strict rules. We called Swaran Salaria, Chairman & Managing Director of TRIG Guardforce Ltd. (a firm that has been handling security for the Bachchan family for the past 15 years) to discuss the James Bond-esque security measures. "More than 300 security guards along with the police force will be deployed at Jalsa, and along the route of the baraat from Pratiksha to Jalsa." Says a source, "Top technology is involved for the sake of security sake. Hidden doorframe metal detectors will be installed in a way that no one will ever come to know of them." (Well, we do now.) On being probed further, he added, "Every security gadget known to us is being used. Hi-tech security devices will be in place on the wedding day. Apart from this, every invitation has a serial number and an electronic coding which will allow the guest in only after swiping the card. Also, a member from the Bachchan family will be at the entrance without whose approval and consent guests won't be allowed to enter the mandap." Steel girdles put up at Jalsa The entire backyard of Jalsa is converted into a marriage hall, which will have only one door for entry as well as exit. The interior decoration is taken care by the Sandeep-Khosla team, the food is being catered by one of the top five-star hotels in town. George Fleit, a well-known florist will work on 1500 exotic Heliconia flowers, especially flown in from Bangalore. The wedding is planned to have an interesting theme and a sound-proof structure has been erected so that nothing disturbs the serenity within. When contacted Jai Thakore of EFactor, (the same event management team that contributed largely for Subroto Roy's son's wedding) confirmed the news, saying, "Yes, we have erected a sound-proof structure at Jalsa but I cannot let out the concept since we are under a confidentiality contract with the Bachchans." Hush, hush. As regards the media, there is a little arrangement that the Bachchans have conceded to, said Salaria, "Though the media is not welcome as it remains a purely private affair, arrangements have already been made opposite Pratiksha bungalow for the media, and we have been instructed by the Bachchan family that nobody should be manhandled." (Are thanks in order?) Баччаны перевернули каждый камешек для обеспечения безопасности свадьбы Ашки и Аби. Будет выставлена охрана по периметру огромной площади, сутановлено электронное оборудование и наняты дополнительные охранники для защиты высокопоставленных гостей. Теперь ведутся разговоры о том, будет ли открыто движение на улице, где живут Баччаны. Полиция говорит, что не будет - поскольку это незаконно. Весь двор резиденции в Джалсе преврщен в свадебный зал, в котором будет только одна дверь. Еду доставят из пятизвездочного отеля, более 1500 цветов Геликонии, специально выращенных в Бангалоре, украсят помещение. Пресса будет не допущена на свадьбу, но назначена встреча с прессонй напротив бунгало в Пратикше.

wichy: отсюда Mallika Sherawat and Katrina Kaif are at loggerheads on the sets of Anees Bazmee's Welcome. Right from word go, Katrina and Mallika have been trying to outdo each other. Let's start with their wardrobe war. Katrina brought her wardrobe for the film from Dubai. On hearing this, Mallika insisted on replacing designer Vikram Phadnis with Ashley Rebello, as her stylist for the film. In her turn, Katrina demanded another personal designer for her look as well. Our source informs, "Mallika and Katrina have been at war from day one. Although they have maintained a façade, everyone on the sets is aware of the cold vibes between them. In fact Katrina even lost her cool during one of the schedules, when Mallika was delaying the shoot since they had lot of combination scenes that day. Mallika was also competitive about Katrina's costumes. She wanted Vikram Phadnis out and Ashley Rebello in. When Katrina got a whiff of this conspiracy, she demanded her own designer as well. However, considering the huge cast of the film involving major stars like Akshay Kumar, Nana Patekar, and Anil Kapoor, these ladies have managed to keep their professional issues apart and are working together reasonably well. However, with one more schedule to follow, things can get worse between the two because currently, the vibes are very, very cold." When contacted Anees Bazmee, the director of the film said, "Vikram Phadnis was supposed to do our costumes, he even did No Entry with me. I share a very good rapport with him. However, he was busy this time, so he is not doing Welcome entirely. He did the entire first schedule and gave us excellent costumes. Mallika is very comfortable with Ashley and I have no problem if my actors are comfortable with any particular designer. It can be Vikram, Manish or Ashley; I have no issue as long as my actors are happy." Anees denied that Katrina and Mallika have any problem. "I don't think that Katrina and Mallika have any problem with each other. We have shot a long schedule with them and even one song. I don't know if they have any issues between them but as far as my work is concerned, they have been extremely professional. They both have great roles in the film." When contacted Katrina Kaif said, "I have no tension with Mallika and as far as the designer being changed is concerned, you will have to ask the director about it. I have no clue about it and I have no issues whatsoever." Meanwhile, Vikram Phadnis also confirmed that he is no longer doing the film, but cited date problems as the reason. He said, "I got busy as I had to go to South Africa for the fashion week, but I did the first schedule of the film. In fact, they look a bulk of clothes from me as they had the shot division done. Mallika and Katrina even did a photo shoot for me and I have no clue whther Ashley is doing Mallika's costumes now, or not." It looks like a ceasefire of sorts has been declared, as of now. Малика Шерават и Катрина Каиф обе заняты на съемках фильма Анира Базми Welcome. По слухам, с первого момента каждая из них решила перещеголять другую. Катрина привезла гардероб для фильма из Дубаи. Узнав об этом, Маллика настояла, чтобы ее дизайнера Викрама Пхадниса заменили на Эшли Ребелло, тогда Катрина попросила себе еще одного личного дизайнера. И теперь они в состоянии войны. Хотя они делают вид, что все нормально, все на студии об этом знают. Однако, поскольку в фильме куча звезд - Акшай, Нана и Анил Капур, девушкам удается держаться на высоте в профессиональных вопросах и работать вместе достаточно нормально. Режиссер говорит, что дизайнера по костюмам заменили, потому что у него времени нет, а вообще ему дела нет, кто будет дизайнером по костюмам - лишь бы актеры были довольны. Войну Катрины и Маллики он отрицает, как и Катрина.

wichy: отсюда After Aishwarya Rai in the chart-busting ‘Kajra re’ number, it is Urmila’s turn to share sizzling screen space with Amitabh and Abhishek Bachchan for the ‘Mehbooba’ song in the new ‘Sholay’. Director Ram Gopal Varma canned the song for his ‘Sholay’ in Karjat recently. ‘It was like sharing an experience with two legends (Amitabh and Helen),’ said Urmila. ‘I’ve always been a huge fan of Helenji. I know all her dances by heart, ‘Mehbooba’ being my favourite. And of course, I’m a huge fan of Amitabh. Though he didn’t dance with me, Abhishek did. To have done the legendary song as a homage to two living legends is quite something,’ Urmila told IANS. The actress is virtually living out of suitcases these days. ‘I have recently returned from an event in Malaysia. The best thing was that Shabana Azmi was also at the same event. Shabanaji and I get along like a house on fire. So, I had a ball.’ В новом фильме РГВ ‘Sholay’ Урмила снимается с Амитом и Абишеком в ремейке песни ‘Mehbooba’, в оригинале исполненном Хелен. Съемки проходят в Каджрате. Урмила говорит, что всегда была фанаткой Хелен, и ‘Mehbooba’ была самым любимым номером. И конечно, она большая поклонница Амитабха. Амит не танцует с ней, танцевать будет Аби.

Akki: нашла у себя в почте фигня, конечно, все эти их голосования, но... Just to let you know Hello Magazine is running a poll to find the Most Attractive Women. This year again Aishwarya Rai has made it to the poll. She won the poll last time, lets make it a repeat victory for her again. Click on the link and Vote Ash http://www.hellomagazine.com/vote/mostattractivewoman/ предложили проголосовать за Аш. проголосовала.

tulya: Просто душка!


4837464: tulya чет я поглядела на него и сразу вспомнила... мы все друг друга спрашивали, что он пел - так наверное Kiss me baby из Garam Masala была последняя очень популярная и привязчивая песенка...


tulya: 4837464, Да,да-ИМЕННО!!

wichy: отсюда Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan today visited the Tirupati temple to seek the blessings of Lord Balaji ahead of the wedding of his son Abhishek Bachchan with actress Aishwarya Rai . Bachchan placed a wedding invitation card at the feet of the lord seeking the deity’s blessings for the two. The Big B was accompanied by close friends SP leader Amar Singh and industrialist Anil Ambani. The three of them paid obeisance at the shrine and made a donation of Rs 51 lakh each towards the education of poor children and hospital facilities, sources said. Ash and Abhi will tie the knot on April 20 and a select list of guests including Amar Singh and Anil and Tina Ambani will grace the occasion. Амит сегодня посетил храм Тирупати, испросив благословение господа Баладжи на свадьбу Аби с Ашкой. Баччан положил пригласительную карточку к ногам божества, прося благословить эту пару. Его сопровождали Амар Сингх и Анил Амбани. Все трое сделали пожертвование на храм и еще по 51 лакх каждый - на образование бедных детей и на лечение.

Дана: wichy пишет: Баччан положил пригласительную карточку к ногам божества Запросто так ! Это он сам додумалси или традиция у них такая?

Оксана: Девчонки! Смотрела передачу одну сегодня, а во время рекламы стала переключать программы и наткнулась на рассказ про индийское кино... Правда рассказ шел о южном варианте Короче показывали отрывки из фильмов и один фильм, хорошо нам знакомый в титрах обозвали (неповерите)"Рам и ШЛЯМ" Я грешным делом подумала что обман зрения, ан нет при повторе тоже самое... Куда мир катется, вообщем и "смех и грех" как горитца

wichy: отсюда One of last year's biggest success was DHOOM:2, earning close to 80 crores from India. The movie was not only loved because of its special effects but also for its stylish get-ups. The person at the helm of affairs was none other than Anahita Shroff Adajania. We now hear that Abhishek's answer to Hrithik's superhero antics is going to be in the shape of the 65 crore DRONA, being directed by Goldie Behl. Amitabh Bachchan is sparing no efforts to make the movie grand and so he is not compromising on the expenditure. According to sources, the DHOOM:2 stylist, Anahita Shroff has been hired for DRONA and she is working on Abhishek's looks and like Hrithik, Abhishek too will be sporting long tresses! Кароч, стилист в Абишековой DRONA тот же, что и в Дхуме 2 делал имиджи Ашке и Ритику... "наш ответ Чемберлену".

wichy: [url=http://www.glamsham.com/movies/scoops/07/apr/16_main_hoon_na_om_shanti_om_shahrukh_khan_farah)khan.asp]отсюда[/url] Choreographer Farah Khan's first project as a director, MAIN HOON NA, released in 2004 and not only was it a big commercial success, the music of the Shah Rukh-Sushmita starrer is popular even today. In fact it remains Anu Malik's last big commercial success. However, for her second project OM SHANTI OM, Farah Khan has gone in for Vishal-Shekhar. The movie that boasts of special appearances from almost the entire industry is keenly awaited and there is a lot of curiosity about the musical score of the Shah Rukh Khan, Shreyas Talpade and debutante Deepika Padukone starrer. The only significant thing known about the musical score is that apart from Vishal-Shekhar, Pyarelal (of the legendary Laxmi-Pyare 'jodi') has composed one of the songs of OM SHANTI OM. But we can tell you that there are going to be a total of seven songs in the album, and Vishal-Shekhar duo has already recorded five of them. The music of the movie, based mainly in the psychedelic 70s, is expected to have a scent of that era. В фильме Фары OM SHANTI OM будет 7 песен, композеры - Вишал-Шекхар. Одну песню для фильма напишет Пьярелал из композиторского дуэта 70-80 Лакшмикан-Пьярелал. Пять песен из семи уже записаны. Музыка фильма основана в основном на психоделике 70-х.

otero: Оксана пишет: Рам и ШЛЯМ Почему не поверим? - поверим!

wichy: отсюда Close friends of Abhishek Bachchan will be doing dance performances at the sangeet ceremony of Abhi’s wedding to Aishwarya Rai . Even though preparations are in full swing at the Bachchans’ residence (Jalsa and Prateeksha), there is a shroud of secrecy regarding who have been invited to the major ceremonies (Mehendi, Sangeet and Wedding) of the forthcoming Abhi-Ash wedding on April 20. However, it is reliably learnt that Abhi’s close friends – Sikander Kher and Goldie Behl – will be doing a dance performance at the Sangeet ceremony a day before the wedding. The whole dance sequence will also include directors Rohan Sippy and Apoorva Lakhia . Both Sippy and Lakhia are close to the Bachchans. Reports also have it that Karan Johar, who is obviously invited to the wedding, will host the evening at the Sangeet ceremony. Some sources say it is Karan himself who is choreographing the dance sequence featuring Sikander and Goldie. The invites for the wedding have reportedly been sent to Yash Chopra and his family, Sanjay Dutt , Sunil Shetty , Ajay Devgan , Kajol Sonali Bendre , Anupam Kher , Kiron Kher and Rituparno Ghosh . Близкие друзья Аби Сикандер Кхер и Голди Бехл будут танцевать на церемонии-сангит на свадьбе Аби и Ашки. Также танцевальный номер будет включать Рохана Сиппи и Апрова Лакхия. Каран вероятно будет вести церемонию Сангит. По слухам, он даже делал хореографию для этого танцевального номера. Боже ж ты мой, это ж надо... Баччаны никого не могут поприличнее танцевать к себе на свадьбу...

wichy: отсюда In circles where it really matters, the tittle-tattle doing the rounds is that Ram Gopal Varma has been scouting posh city suburbs for a lavish apartment. The filmmaker known for pampering his protégés before disowning them is now getting better with his extravagant gifts. After showering high praises on newbie Jiah Khan, the director wants to give her an apartment for her performance 'extraordinaire' in Nishabd. However, Jiah who keeps shuttling between her London house and Juhu pad has no clue about this no-more-a-surprise gift. She tells us that "lots of houses" have always been on her wish-list. No wonder the mentor is making efforts to make Jiah's dreams come true. "I'm presently very comfortable at my mom's place. I would love to have lots of houses to myself. But I don't think he wants to gift me a house," is all that Jiah had to say. The actress who landed herself a role while working on a dissertation is lapping up all the attention. Rumours were rife that something was cooking up between the actress and her mentor. They were spotted having quiet dinners at restaurants and nightspots alike. A source says, "Ramu is really fond of Jiah. He takes great pride in the fact that he launched her. He has been intending to gift her something big for a while now. He was considering an apartment as an option." However, this hasn't quite gone down well with other protégé Delhi gal Nisha Kothari. Apparently, Kothari hates her contender Jiah. The two actresses don't see eye-to-eye and hardly exchange greetings even when they're spotted under one roof. Apparently, Jiah has been promised a few plum roles by Ram Gopal Varma apart from the house. Not to mention, the actress even turned down a few films including Sanjay Gadhvi's Kidnap in the recent past. Рамгопал ВАрма всегда опекал своих подопечных актрис. В этот раз, по слухам, он вообще решил Джие Кхан подарить роскошную квартиру за ее выдающуюся игру в Nishabd. Пока Джия катается между лондонским домом и Мумбаи, и понятия не имеет, что РГВ уже присматривает для нее хатку. По тем же слухам (ну еще бы... про каждую музу РГВ ходили такие слухи), Раму действительно увлечен Джией. Он очень гордится, что "открыл" ее. Бывшая муза Ниша Котари вышла из фавора и по слухам, они с Джией даже не здороваются.

svet.Lanka: wichy пишет: Баччаны никого не могут поприличнее танцевать к себе на свадьбу... Да вот именно, Ритика, например. Ой, немогу, ка представлю себе эту картину...

wichy: svet.Lanka пишет: Да вот именно, Ритика, например ОООО!!! Мне это и в голову не приходило!!!! А ведь отличное было бы шоу - особенно когда он, памятуя удачный ход Аби на Zee, начал бы Ашку вытаскивать на сцену...

svet.Lanka: wichy пишет: начал бы Ашку вытаскивать на сцену... Ага и получилась бы так знакомая Амиту и Джае сцена из Sil-Sila в песне Rang Barse, где Амит в танце вытащил Рекху. Ой, ща помру отсмеха. Вот уж хде было бы шоу, куда там всяким Окнам и Домам.

wichy: svet.Lanka пишет: знакомая Амиту и Джае сцена из Sil-Sila в песне Rang Barse ...только в зеркальном отражении... Да, млин... Не друхх Ритик Аби больше, не друхх...

svet.Lanka: wichy пишет: ...только в зеркальном отражении... Да, млин... Не друхх Ритик Аби больше, не друхх... А то, потому и не пригласили.Ну что чАво не вышло, ненароком. А то вдруг болливудский сюжетец возьмет и материализуется?

kvazarka: а, кстати, Кханы то во главе с Шариком и цАрицей гаурьской почему в пролете то?

wichy: kvazarka пишет: Кханы то во главе с Шариком и цАрицей гаурьской почему в пролете то? Шаха не будет - наверно, чтобы потом не сказали, что Амит пригласил Шаха исключительно чтобы опровергнуть слухи об их вражде :-) Сальмана - ну, тут все ясно, да? Амир - а он вообще с кем-нить дружит? Саиф - ему ни пить, ни курить, не веселиться нельзя - состояние здоровья-с.... :-) Кого еще пропустила? Заеда? Ну дык за слишком близкие родственные связи с Ритиком со стороны Ритиковой жены пострадал

kvazarka: wichy во террариум то

wichy: отсюда Talk about a bad case of pre-wedding jitters, and the story goes that Aishwarya Rai has been doing more than just biting her nails and giving out dictates to her designers. Ash behaving somewhat irritably, has become a common feature in the Rai household these days. The actress, at the helm of things refuses to settle for anything but the best. A source close to the Rais says, "Ash is somewhat anxiety-ridded, but that's only natural. She has taken personal interest in everything from her wedding trousseau to the cards. It's a big day in her life and she wants everything to work out according to plan." The actress is known to have made a few frenzied trips to her jeweller and designer. Her close friends reveal that she's doing her last-minute shopping with mom Vrinda Rai in tow. "Ash is just getting a bit nervous with just two days to go for the wedding," says our source. After brainstorming over the guest-list for weeks now, the actress has just started sending out her 'big' invitations, comprising two well-crafted boxes. The 16-page wedding card comes in one box, accompanied by another box, of cookies. The actress has invited some of the people she has worked closely with, from the industry and the fashion world. If sources are to be believed, Sahara chief Subrato Roy, who is extremely close to the Bachchan family, has volunteered to help Ash with the invitations. Apparently, they are distributing the cards for Ash. Meanwhile, we've also heard that Subrato Roy is planning to gift heavy gold jewellery to Ash for the wedding. He has specially ordered them all the way from Kolkata. Итак, снова про свадьбу. Говорят, Ашка вся на нервах, делает последние приготовления, сама вникает во все - потому что хочет, чтобы все было идеально. Это для нее большой день и она хочет, чтобы все прошло по плану. Также она делает последние покупки с мамой Вриндой рай, рассылает свои личные приглашения на свадьбу самым близким - в двух шкатулках - в одной 16-тистраничный буклет-приглашение, в другой - печенье. Она пригласила тех, с кем близко работала, из индустрии и мира моды. Помогает ей их рассылать Субрато Рой, глава телеканала Сахара и близкий друг семейства Баччанов. По слухам, он планирует подарить Ашке на свадьбу массивные золотые украшения, специально заказанные в Калькутте.

otero: wichy пишет: Саиф - ему ни пить, ни курить, не веселиться нельзя - состояние здоровья-с.... :-) Саифку не позвали. Ходила саифуворлд, там все в непонятках - чем он Баччанам не угодил?

Remita: otero пишет: Саифку не позвали. Ходила саифуворлд, там все в непонятках - чем он Баччанам не угодил? Тем, что он - Кханн

Дана: otero пишет: Саифку не позвали. Ходила саифуворлд, там все в непонятках - чем он Баччанам не угодил? Наверное тем, что все таки он Аби затмевает...

wichy: отсюда The Sangeet The excitement is building up to a crescendo, with the big fat Indian wedding fast approaching this Friday. Come Wednesday and the Aishwarya Rai-Abhishek Bachchan wedding celebrations will kick start with the sangeet ceremony at the Bachchans’ old home in Juhu Prateeksha. Huge sound-proof, air-conditioned tents have been put up for guests. Close friends of Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan will enthral guests with a dance performance on ‘Bidi Jalaile’ from ‘Omkara’. Sources tell us Jaya’s friends have been gifted specially made embroidery sarees from the family’s close pals and fashion designers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla. Ash and Abhi will also perform the popular ‘Kajra Re’ number for their guests. For those who thought the groom was cross with his good pal for kissing his bride-to-be onscreen, here’s good news - Hrithik Roshan will also put in a special appearance. While Shah Rukh Khan has reportedly not been invited to the wedding, rumour has it that he may dance at the sangeet. While fashion designer Neeta Lulla confirmed to After Hours she would be dressing up Ash for her wedding, for this particular function the beautiful star will wear her in-laws’ choice – an Abu-Sandeep creation. Designer Hemant Trivedi is also designing some outfits for Aishwarya’s wedding trousseau. When contacted he refused to divulge any details, but confirmed, “I am doing some clothes for Aishwarya, but I must respect her and the family’s wish not to discuss them and therefore garner publicity for myself.” He further added, “Her longtime friendship and trust in me is much more important.” The Mehendi The mehendi ceremony on Thursday will also take place at Prateeksha. For this function, Ash will wear a red zari-embroidered ghagra choli designed by Lulla. The henna for the grand wedding is being specially brought from Sojat, Rajasthan. The wedding While the Hindu calendar deems April 20 (Akshay Tritya) as an auspicious day which needs no special time, sources tell us the wedding will take place at 6.30pm at the Bachchans’ other home Jalsa. Family pundits have been invited for this solemn affair, which will follow the Arya Samaj rites. Ash will wear a hand-woven sari with golden zari embroidery by Lulla, while Abhi will wear an Abu-Sandeep sherwani. With Amitabh’s mother Teji Bachchan critically ill, the reception is deferred for a later date in June at a five star hotel. Bollywood will be invited in large numbers for this do. The honeymoon Again, due to his grand mom’s poor health, Abhi will not go on a honeymoon right now, though the couple has received an invitation from Ireland. Reportedly, a letter to Amitabh Bachchan from Tourism Ireland states: ‘We are really happy to learn about the forthcoming wedding of Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai. We would like to make an offer for their honeymoon in Ireland.’ So, get set for the festivities and watch this space for more dope on the most awaited wedding of the century! Все, что вы хотели знать о свадьбе Ашки и Аби. Сангит. Свадебные церемонии начнутся в среду, с церемонии Сангит в старом доме Баччанов в Джуху Пратикше. Огромное звуковое оборудование, кондиционируемые шатры уже установлены. Близкие друзья Амита и Джаи будут развлекать гостей танцами на песенку ‘Bidi Jalaile’ из ‘Omkara’. По слухам, друзьям Джаи были подарены специыальные вышитые сари. Аби и Аш будут танцевать под ‘Kajra Re’ перед гостями. Для тех, кто думает (это про нас!!! ), что жених поругался со своим дружком после того, как тот поцеловал его невесту, есть новости - Ритик будет делать спешл эпиранс. Шах не приглашен на свадьбу, но по слухам будет танцевать на сангите. Одевать Ашку к свадьбе будет Нита Лулла, для а на сангит будет наряжать Абу-Сандип - выбор ее будущих свекра и свекрови. Дизайнер Хемант Тридеви тоже разработал несколько нарядов для Ашкиной свадьбы. Церемония Менхнди На эту церемонию Ашка будет наряжена в красную ленга-чоли, расшитую в технике зари (по-моему, специальной тоооненькой серебряной или золотой проволочкой, которую скручивают в пружинки...) Наряд разрабатывала Лулла. Церемония тоже пройдет в Пратикше. Хенна для свадьбы была доставлена из Соджата, Раджастан. Свадьба. По Индуистскому календарю 20 апреля - отличный день для свадьбы, и дополнительное уточнение времени в этот день не требуется. по слухам, свадьба начнется в 6,30 вечера в доме Баччанов в Джалсе. Семейный пандит был приглашен, чтобы скрепить союз, Ашка будет во вручную сделанном сари с золотой вышивкой от Луллы, Аби будет одет в шервани, созданный Абу-Сандипом. Поскольку мама Амита сильно больна, все отмечания перенесены на более поздний срок - Июнь, в пятизвездочный отель, когда и будут приглашены все болливудские звезды. Медовый месяц. Опять же, из-за болезни бабушки АБи, прямо сейчас медового месяца не будет, хотя пара получала приглашения из Ирландии - говорят, письмо Амиту от управления туризма Ирландии гласило: "Мы счастливы узнать о грядущей свадьбе Абишека и Айшварьи. Мы хотели бы сделать им предложение провести медовый месяц в Ирландии", ИМХО - все слухи. Хотя кто его знает.

Lo: wichy : есть новости - Ритик будет делать спешл эпиранс. И петь песню "Сцука-любовь!"

wichy: Превью на Chak De India - отсюда There are a couple reasons why CHAK DE INDIA is one of the more anticipated films to release in 2007. Firstly, it is yet another high-profile gathering of Shah Rukh Khan and Yash Raj Films. After hearing this, you’d think to yourself – “ah, another tear-jerking performance from another over-the-top romantic film.” Well, let’s not be too sure of ourselves; which brings me to the second reason why this film garners some thought – Director Shimit Amin. It’s extremely rare to see a director, who took his first steps in the RGV Factory (with Ab Tak Chappan) waltz over to the Yash Raj banner. Needless to say the two high-profile production companies are like fire and ice, producing some of the most contrasting films you’ll find. Starring Shah Rukh Khan and newcomer Vidya Malvade in lead roles, CHAK DE INDIA revolves around Kabir Khan (SRK), the coach of a girl’s hockey team, and a young sikh girl, Vidya (Vidya Malvade), who wants nothing more than the hard-to-earn consent of her parents to be able to join the team. SRK plays the role of a muslim man, disturbed by the sorrows of life, who wants nothing more than to see his nation’s flag held high with all others. The girls’ team makes it to Australia to play for the World Cup, and this is where the story portrays the plight and opportunities of the team as they fight for dignity, respect, and victory. Model-turned-actress Vidya Malvade has truly received the break of a lifetime with this role. Or has she? Ladies and gentleman, over the past decade and a half or so, there has been an ignored theme that has run beneath the career of Shah Rukh Khan and the debutant actresses who work with him. If we look back, there have been several instances where debutant actresses gain the break of a lifetime working opposite this larger-than-life superstar, but then failing to ever achieve any sort of success in their careers (if you can even call it that). Is it the SRK curse? Or is just the luck of the draw? Let’s reminisce… Circa 1993, Shilpa Shetty has a dream launch with SRK in BAAZIGAR. She’s been struggling ever since. Apart from MAIN KHILADI TU ANARI (1994) and DHADKAN (2000), Shilpa has really never been able to gain the acceptance of both the masses and the classes. It is obvious that she has the potential, but will she ever reach it? Suchitra Krishnamurty – do I have to say anything else? You probably haven’t heard of her because she’s done absolutely nothing since her dream debut opposite SRK in Kundan Shah’s KABHI HAAN KABHI NAA (1994). It wasn’t until eleven years later she got a role in RGV’s MY WIFE’S MURDER (2005). В фильме снимаются Шах и новичок Видья Малваде. Главные герои фильма - Кабир Кхан, тренер женской хоккейной команды, и юная девушка-сикх Видья, которая хочет ни больше ни меньше, чем присоединиться к этой команде. В Австралии на Мировом чемпионате девушки должны выиграть мировой чемпионат, и фильм показывает, как их борьбу за уважение, признание и победу. Бывшая модель Видья Мальваде получила шанс сделать прорыв в кинобизнесе - поскольку снимается в таком необычном фильме в паре с Шахом.

Soniya: а че тишина-то такая на форуме? все на Баччановскую свадьбу что ли подались?

Amita: Soniya : а че тишина-то такая на форуме? чтобы Свадьбу не спугнуть ... )

Amita: Soniya : все на Баччановскую свадьбу что ли подались? Даже не успела прочитать эту фразу ,сразу на ум пришло похожее:"чтобы Свадьбу не спугнуть ... ", "Что-то замерло там до рассветааа ..."(пестня в голову лезет ) Ну как там наша Аша ..эх ,переживаю ....быстрей бы фотки в инете появились ...

Soniya: Amita : быстрей бы фотки в инете появились ... я тоже вот фоток жду. они хоть и разогнали всех папарацци, надеюсь официальные фоты то будут? или вообще ничего не покажут нам?

Amita: Soniya : или вообще ничего не покажут нам? Уверенна. будутт,только кааагддаааа !!!! Терпеть ,сил нет !!!! Уж надеюсь ,после 20-го ...точно появятся !!! (ИМХО ,Баччаны обязанны переплюнуть свадьбу Каришмы (Ах,какая она была в свадьбошном ) Айш ,даже без широкоформатной свадьбы должна затмить ВСЕХ !!! А еще надеюсь на светский приём ,который позжеЕ будет ,со всеми звездами ...

wichy: отсюда Jahnu Barua the nine time national award winner director from Assam who made his debut as a Hindi filmmaker with the highly acclaimed film Maine Gandhi Ko Nahi Mara is all set to direct his next venture. The film is titled Har Pall and will see a never seen before combination of Shiny Ahuja and Preity Zinta. The film is being produced by Tito of the famous Tito- Tony pair who produced films like Ram Balram, Do Anjaane and Insaniyat with Amitabh Bachchan. Грузин снимется вместе с Притькой в следующем фильме Джахну Баруа, режиссера из Ассама, который уже завоевал 9 национальных премий и дебютировал в кино на хинди с фильмом Maine Gandhi Ko Nahi Mara, получившим высокую оценку. Новый фильм будет называться Har Pall.

wichy: отсюда Hrithik Roshan will not dance at the Sangeet ceremony of Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai being held today as he has not been invited to the wedding. Presently, he is shooting for Ashutosh Gowarikar’s magnum opus ‘ Jodha- Akbar’ in Karjat and will continue there even on the day of marriage. No one from the Roshan household, namely, Rakesh Roshan, Pinky Roshan, Sunaina or Suzanne will attend the most famous wedding in town. As Rakesh Roshan says, ‘ We are not going. It’s a closed family affair and we should respect that. When Hrithik got married, there was a lot of pressure on us about who to invite and who to leave out. It’s unfair to put that kind of pressure on the Bachchans now. Let’s leave them alone. Even I invited only a few people for Hrithik’s wedding, so I know they must be in an awkward situation. Let’s not embarrass them by discussing this.’ However, according to sources the main reason behind not inviting Hrithik to the wedding could be his controversial but steamy kiss scene with Aishwarya Rai in Yashraj Films’ Dhoom -2. Even at the time of release of the film, the Bachchans had disapproved of the kissing scene. Though that particular scene was so beautifully presented in the film that it became instant hit with the audiences and movie broke all records of success. But Abhishek Bachchan’s character looked completely faded in comparison to the trendy looks of Hrithik and Aishwarya Rai. Как я и предполагала, теперь пишут, что Ритик не будет танцевать на церемонии Сангит на свадьбе у Ашки и Аби, патамучта его на свадьбу не пригласили. Сейчас он снимается у Ашотуша в ‘ Jodha- Akbar’ в Карджате и будет там даже в сам день свадьбы. Никто из Рошанов не приглашен на самую знаменитую свадьбу города. Ракеш сказал, что это семейное мероприятие и они это уважают. Когда женился Ритик, на нас оказывали сильное давление по поводу кого приглашатЬ, а кого пропустить. Нечестно подвергать такому давлению Баччанов. Лучше оставить их в покое. Давайте не обижать их обсуждением таких вопросов. Однако, по слухам главной причиной отсутствия Рошанов стало противостояние по поводу поцелуя в Дхум-2.

wichy: отсюда The numerology fever has not spared even Ashutosh Gowarikar. He has changed the title of his film Jodha Akbar and has added a A to the Jodha. It is now Jodhaa Akbar. Hmmmm Говорят, Ашотуш Говарикер переименовал Jodha Akbar. Теперь фильма называется Jodhaa Akbar. Как вы думаете, что он хотел этим сказать? У меня мнение, что это в честь свадьбы Ашки - к имени ее персонажа прибавили еще одно А, чтобы Ритик не забывал - даже в койке - Аби с ними....

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